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Apr 12, 2001

Byte, a small British shop that sells Apple-certified accessories and repair parts for iOS devices, has shared new photos and a video that appear to show the Apple Watch 2's thinner display technology and larger battery.

Photos: Apple Watch 2 parts on left, original Apple Watch parts on right

The Apple Watch 2 display looks slightly thinner than the original Apple Watch display when placed side by side, although the second-generation Apple Watch could very well have the same overall thickness as the original model due to the rumored inclusions of a GPS, barometer, and thicker battery.

The battery shown is rated for 1.28 watt-hours, which is identical to the battery that surfaced last week. If accurate, that means the 42mm Apple Watch 2 will have a 334 mAh battery that is 35.7% larger than the 246 mAh battery in the original 42mm model. The battery for the 38mm model has yet to be leaked.

Also shown is the alleged Force Touch gasket for the Apple Watch 2, which appears to have a new chip alignment but otherwise no discernible differences.

Apple is expected to announce the Apple Watch 2 alongside the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and spec-bumped Apple Watch 1 models at its September 7 event next week. In addition to a GPS and barometer, other rumored Apple Watch 2 features include a faster processor and improved waterproofing.

Article Link: New Video Shows Thinner Display and Larger Battery for Apple Watch 2


Sep 25, 2015
This is not about making the Watch itself thinner.

This is specifically the display glass which does need to be thinner. Unlike iOS devices, the Watch display is noticeable thick, and the buttons feel like they are mile beneath your finger.


Jul 29, 2010
This thing definitely needed better battery. Health tracking (or stat tracking whatever the mode is) on a big bike ride or hike has in couple times made the battery drain before the day was done. Pretty disappointing having an epic ride or climb and losing out on some of the data near the end.

Dan Holmstock

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May 11, 2016
Culpeper VA
Typical Apple, so we will probably get the same size but increased battery life? Unsure if this is for the better or worse, it is kind of chunky.

Well the flip side of this would be the polar opposite directions of the iPhone vs Apple Watch. One is made the same or bigger with better battery but the other is made thinner with less battery - lol


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Jul 22, 2008
Sounds good, but any further news on the new macbook pro? That would be something I am totally interested in... Not rumours on the new iPhone 7 and Apple watch please...


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Feb 12, 2011
Based on all of the leeks, rumors and reports on this, I wouldn't be surprised if Apple branded this as WatchS rather than Watch 2 because it seems like this isn't a complete redesign that will replace the current Watch but may be sold alongside the current Watch.
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