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Discussion in 'iPod' started by BWhaler, Jul 13, 2006.

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    Jan 8, 2003
    This morning I bought 2 pairs of Nike+ shoes, 2 iPod kits, and a bunch of the new clothing.

    Here's my initial review:

    First a few background facts:

    1. I am not a serious or professional runner. I bought this gear to help me get in shape and be healthy.
    2. I hate Nike shoes. I am a New Balance Guy.
    3. I hate Nike as a company.

    So here's my intial impression after taking the new kit out for a couple of runs today:

    1. It works exactly as advertised and is very accurate. I used my pedometer on both runs, and the iPod was more accurate. (I know the actual distances from driving.)

    2. The experience of running to music with a personal coach is exactly what one would hope for. It's like being in the gym with a personal trainer on a treadmill giving you real time feedback. But the bonus is you're not in a stinky gym indoors. You can actually run in the great outdoors with all of the benefits of a gym.

    3. As an individual who wants to get into shape for my family and myself--good health is my goal--this is simply a dream. The ability to track your history, goals, best times, best & total distance, and best & total calories burned, etc, is fantastic.

    4. I will leave the responder in my shoe all of the time. I know some Sour Pusses are complaining about the 2,000 mile battery life, but this thing is 29 bucks--less than going to a movie on Friday night. And to have my new "workout buddy" with me all of the time will be worth replacing the iPod kit sooner. Plus, it's 29 bucks for crying out loud.

    5. The Nike shoes are as I remembered. Lower in quality, but OK. Just feeling the cheap shoelaces when I took them out of the box reminder me how Nike doesn't get quality the way Apple does.

    6. The Moire sneakers are light, but have basically no support.

    7. The Zoom Plus have much more support, and in my opinion, are a much better sneaker.

    8. To each his own, of course, but I think the Moire sneakers are terrible. (I am someone who likes/needs foot support.) They do, however, look very cool.

    9. Registering at the site was buggy at first. It wouldn't take text inputs during registration--e.g. typing did nothing--the first few times I tried.

    10. It's a tad bit confusing once you have an account at You don't get to play with the functionality until the first time your iPod syncs.

    11 Speaking of syncing, it's exactly what you would expect from Apple. (Well, maybe the old Apple before the horrific Intel-Switch bugs and quality problems.) The syncing between devices, iTunes, and is seamless and automatic.

    12. The goal setting is an amazing feature. I have set my goals for the next month, and I look forward to working toward them.

    There are a few times when technology promises to change your life. (For better or worse.) The first PC's, cell phones, etc., changed parts of your life.

    For me, and I suspect millions of others, this technology will do the same. Having an easy way to set goals, track them, and work towards them, will certainly make it easier for me to get into better shape.

    Of course, I understand there are millions of ways to do this without an iPod and nike gear, but for me, this is perfect, and for that I am thankful Apple and Nike put this partnership together.

    On balance, for those looking to get in better shape, be in better health, or if you are a serious runner who can deal with Nike sneakers, this new line of products is nothing short of fantastic.

    As someone who has hammered away online at Apple for the past 7 months due to the crappy quality in their new products, I cannot be happier to recommend these products as having great quality and working with the excellent we all expect from Apple.
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    Dec 27, 2002
    Alameda, CA
    My initial impressions are posted here:

    I'm using my regular running shoes with the transmitter tucked under the laces. Seems to work just fine. (Pics in the linked post)

    Overall, if you're a runner with an iPod nano, getting this kit for $29 is a no-brainer. It's really cool. If you don't have a nano, it might be worth buying one for (though I can't say the same for Nike running shoes).

    Lastly, if you're new to running, remeber to start slow. Don't try to run 5 miles your first day. Find a good book to use as a guide. Especially if you're no longer a teenager or are a little out of shape.

    Have fun

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