Nintendo Announces Plans to Shut Down 'Miitomo' Two Years After Launch


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Apr 12, 2001

Nintendo launched its first iOS mobile game, Miitomo, in March 2016, and this week the company has confirmed it will officially end support for the game on May 9, 2018 (via The Verge).

The company posted a notice [Google Translate] on its Japanese website yesterday, warning Miitomo users of its decision to "terminate the service" on Wednesday, May 9 at 12:00 a.m. (PDT). Ahead of that closure, the company has already ended the sale of "Miitomo coins" through in-app purchases as of today, but coins and game tickets will be given to players as a login bonus so they can shop for items until May 9.

In the lead-up to that date, Miitomo will hold "The Final Thank You Festival" with events that celebrate its fans through daily bonuses and sharing Miifotos on Twitter. Then, in the early morning of May 9 all of Miitomo's features will become inaccessible, including Miifotos, messages, and sidekick Miis. Head to Nintendo's website for more information on how to save some of the app's data before it closes.

Nintendo apologized to customers who are fans of the app, and noted that it will issue a refund of unused Miitomo coins purchased through IAPs. The refunds will appear after termination this May.
We recently decided to terminate the service on May 9, 2018 (Wednesday) on the application "Miitomo" for smartphones which started distribution on March 17, 2016.

We are sorry for the customers who have enjoyed it, thank you for your understanding.
As Nintendo's first game for iOS and Android devices, Miitomo was a social networking style game that allowed players to create their own Mii, dress them up, and answer questions to discover new things about their friends. In the proceeding two months after the game launched, many players were seen to abandon the app and conversations about it on social media appeared to die down. SurveyMonkey summed it up in a report by stating that players simply "didn't really get Miitomo."

Nintendo fared better in subsequent apps that were more gaming focused, following Miitomo up with Super Mario Run in December 2016, Fire Emblem Heroes in February 2017, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp in November 2017. The company is now said to be looking for additional mobile software developers to stay more on schedule with its iOS and Android game releases, and the next major title is rumored to be set in The Legend of Zelda universe.

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Jul 12, 2008
Great app that never got any love. Only so many times you can answer repetitive questions and win items for your living room. My son loved the mini games though. Maybe create an app with just the mini games!
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Dec 19, 2017
What a shame as it was a fun little social media app. I don’t care much for twitter or Facebook but Miitomo was just pleasant to fire up for a few questions a day. I hoped they would continue support to the point it became cross platform with their Switch platform but I guess not.

However all of this pales in comparison to how fun the Nintendo switch and it’s games are. Never before have I played such a compelling system. I don’t play iOS games because they feel somewhat cheap and disposable, there’s no value in them and eventually they’ll stop working even though you paid money for them.... unlike real games systems. But they can’t make phone calls so it’s good we have both.


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Dec 19, 2017
Everything this company does is trash....they always invest in things nobody wants or cares about.
That’s a weird thing to say considering how they’re dominating the games charts right now. And apparently the Switch is outperforming other successful consoles in the same timeframe. So perhaps you’re being a bit odd and biased. Have you considered that yet?


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Dec 19, 2017
Mii what? How about making those old Super Mario games available for Apple TV, Nintendo?
You can play them on a NES or SNES Mini, or Wii U, or Switch soon. Why don’t Apple let Android phones connect to their watches? Why don’t Apple sell OS X for any PC?
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Jun 23, 2009
Again, Nintendo wake the heck up and give us the original Mario from the original NES for our iOS devices. Sell it for $20 and you will make a killing.


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Aug 6, 2008
St. Louis
I actually play this game.

* I do zero social stuff. I don't think I've answered any questions or added any friends since 2016. So, yeah, it kinda failed there.

* I DO customize the heck out of my room.

* I DO buy clothes and stuff and customize my Mii.

* I DO take advantage of the Super Mario Run connection to customize and display my in-game avatar.

* I DO like the dump drop games to get more clothes and items, and do play they dump candy drop game to get more tickets.

I've put more time into Miitomo than I have games like Pokemon Go. I'm one of the people that is sad to see this go.

A small gallery showing off some of the stuff in Miitomo. Mii customization, goofy photos/poses, room customization, the drop-games, and then my Miitomo avatar in Super Mario Run:


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Jun 9, 2009
Miitomo failed from the jump...

The switch on the other hand is awesome. After giving away my PS2 nearly 15 or so years ago- i stopped buying consoles and was flying the flag for mobile gaming... that was until ninty won me over with the switch last yr March.

I always thought it would be the Apple TV 4 that would get me back into gaming in front of a TV but sadly Apple just couldn’t deliver on that front.