nMp Dx00 cards for 3D rendering vs NVDIA Quadro K5000

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by cyrilleImage, Jan 30, 2014.

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    Hi 99% guys and 1% girls,

    well It seems that the new Mac Pro is all about OpenCl and video processing.
    I think we have now a good idea of what can be expected according to many specific type of applications (video, photography, programming, gaming, etc.).
    I'm primarily interested by its potential for 3D rendering, using OpenGl framework such as OpenSceneGraph.


    It's a fantastic and very powerful library, I've already spent a lot of time with and obviously expect to pursue further intensive developments.

    Any feedback how the nMp graphical cards (D300 / D500 /D700) compete against let's say a NVIDIA Quadro K5000 to render large 3D tessellation or volume rendering (medical imaging , Computed tomography scans, etc.)?

    Many thanks, it would help me to order or not a specific configuration of the mac pro 2013.
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    Every rendering engine, whether it's for the preview window or final output, has strengths associated with every video card. Apple future is appears tightly coupled with their former head of hardware and AMD's current CTO.

    While CUDA/NVidia has great offerings it appears to be yesterday's technology in the current eyes of Apple.

    That said.... considering Apple's current financial coffers, the quality of their video card drivers offers far less performance than their Windows equivalents...

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    Why are you comparing the Dx00 cards to K5000? You won't be able to choose the K5000 if you're planning to buy the nMP :confused:

    Hmm, to compete against the K5000, you'll most likely need to look at D700 results. The Dx00 strength is in OpenCL and not OpenGL, so if your app (very few) makes use of OpenCL, then you'll see a significant boost, however in OpenGL, it would probably do ok, but don't expect anything amazing.

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