nMPro 4 & 6 core CPU's vs MPro 6 core w3690/980x

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by handheldgames, Sep 7, 2013.

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    Wondering how the nMP compares to clock for clock to your MPro? Wait no more... The new four-core Core i7 4820K Ivy Bridge-E processor destined for the entry level nMP along with its six-core cousin, the i7-4960X have hit the street and Guru3D had put the new silicon through its paces: http://www.guru3d.com/articles_categories/processors.html

    For 5.1 owners, it's great to see that a w3690 / 980x upgrade can keep your tower of power out outperforming the base 4-core $2499 nMPro by 20%+/- with a $500 upgrade.

    Still need more power? The 6-core i7-4960X equipped $2999 nMP will best the fastest single core MP by 20% in CPU intensive multi threaded apps.

    Ready for an upgrade or a nMP?
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    I've been following these reviews as well. I'm surprised there's not more discussion on here about it.

    Anand also did an exhaustive review of the 4960X (Hex Core) which is worth checking out... http://www.anandtech.com/show/7255/intel-core-i7-4960x-ivy-bridge-e-review

    In particular, and most relevant to me, is this Photoshop benchmark...
    My current 2.93 Quad is in between the 920 and 965. So this new CPU would double my performance. It's even significantly faster than the 990X/W3690. So while these new Ivy Bridge E CPUs are getting panned for their modest increased performance over Sandy Bridge, they are a monster compared to what some of us have been using.

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    After 4 years I'd certainly hope Ivy-E beats Nehalem systems. I've read most of those benchmarks and yes, compared to even Westmere it's a decent upgrade. Although they're still lacking native Intel USB 3 support, and SATA3 is also rather lacking with 2 ports.

    I'm curious if Apple and Intel worked on a decent bespoke chipset for the nMP in order for it to have proper USB 3, and well no need for SATA since they're using PCIe SSD's and Thunderbolt.

    I certainly am curious for the eventual breakdown and reviews of the nMP, specially one for each major configuration.

    A clock for clock review against previous Westmere systems would also be interesting, although given the nature of Xeon's these days, and their chipsets over/downclocking is a bother.

    For those interested here are more reviews of Ivy-E







    EDIT: For further reference here's Anand's Bench where it compares CPU score Between the 980X vs the 4960X

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    Given the lack of native USB3 support, I suspect Apple has simply added an FL1100 chip to the new Mac Pro. There has been OS X driver support for this since 10.8.2 or so.
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    Ah, I forgot about those yet again! It could be as simple as that in the end.

    I look forward to proper reviews and tear downs though, should be quite enlightening.

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