No 32-inch iMac Pro?


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Nov 28, 2007
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Why won't Apple make a 32-inch iMac? With all the supposed advancements today for the iMac Pro, wouldn't it make sense to offer that in a larger screen size than 27-inches? It's very frustrating to me that they don't even offer that option. It seems like Apple avoids anything larger than a 27-inch display like the plague. Any ideas? Thanks!
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Dec 9, 2014
Probably lack of a suitable panel at a suitable price. There's little point in trying to sell a 32 inch model if it can't at least equal the 27 inch's visuals, and no point if it would inflate the price by more than a few hundred dollars over the 27 inch. I highly doubt that they have any bias against larger sizes per se.
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Oct 7, 2015
Likely because timing isn't right just yet for the 8K display.

They are in the process of making a standalone 8K display, but that won't be until next year I believe - probably after that they refresh the iMac Pro with 8K display, offering it at 32".

So why is 8K a necessity? 4K/5K etc at 32" aren't retina. 8K is. Thus the wait.
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Dec 25, 2005
Most 32" displays still have some uniformity issues. The technology at that size is not mature yet. Also the problem of heat, and energy efficiency at that size.

But they're almost there. Give it another couple of years. It won't be long.
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