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Jul 7, 2001
How about this-? Worst come to worst, could Apple put a Diamondtron or Trinitron aperture grill style screen in the iMacs instead of a LCD? Could we see a flat screen CRT in the iMac line? I myself am looking forward to a iMac SE variant with a 14.1 inch LCD, but with all of the rumors out, why can't a flat CRT be an option also? They're cheap!


P.S. Does anyone know why Apple wouldn't come out with a dual drive G4, or have at least a free 5-1/4" drive bay to add an extra optical drive? I would love to do disk to disk burning on an internal scsi burner in my new G4. I don't want to spend the extra money on firewire. (although firewire kicks butt.)


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Apr 9, 2001
of lcds

personally, I think LCD'd iMac is still a bit premature. LCD's are still expensive - at least more expensive than CRTs. People always complain about Macs being too expensive... So, regardless, a CRT iMac would be cheaper than an LCD iMac with the same screen size.

I think a cheaper iMac will do more to sell more iMacs than an LCD one...


Thin Ice

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Jul 9, 2001
Didn't Apple say they were going all LCD?

I'm with Arn. They need to release a current iMac that's cheaper. That should be easy to do. I bet they don't.


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Jun 14, 2001
Austin, TX
My 2 cents.

No LCD. Apple isnt dumb. They dont want to make the entry level iMac too expensive. CRT, with a new enclosure that will be able to look great with an LCD screen, so they can move to that when the technology price goes down. It would be a big mistake for Apple to not totally revamp the best selling computer they have.


Jun 4, 2000
Alexandria, VA
Well, if they do stick with a tube screen, they're not going to be doing it in the same enclosure that they will use when LCD prices drop (referring ot the post above) -- that would be insane. It would seem difficuly to switch to a 14" LCD (a cheaper part than the display in Apple's 15" LCD monitor) and increase speed and keep prices the same, I agree. The quality of the monitor in the iMacs is rather low, in my discriminating opinion--that tube is not costing Apple much at all.

I know I'd rather have a aperture grille-based monitor (Trinitron, Diamontron, etc.) 15" screen in there than an LCD anyway. For games, the CRT beats the LCD, as a CRT can switch scan modes and "natively" display multiple resolutions. An LCD, when not in its one native resolution, must scale the image, and even with Apple's decent anti-aliasing hardware in there, etc., it does not look as good as a CRT displaying that same image.



C'mon, if Apple trot out that same iMac design with a bit of a feature bump they're doomed. C'mon, apple, just bring out a 'son-of-cube' and give people a choice of monitors. Who cares if it robs the pro-range of a few sales - at least it'll stop people buying PCs. Nobbleware benefits nobody.


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Jul 13, 2001
17" iMacs

Remember at the last product announcement in March there was a lot of speculation and hopes around 17" screens for iMacs - this time there is none. Interesting - I'd still be interested in a 17" form factor.
The other item no-one has talked about is RAM. Given recent price drops and the requirements of OS/X I'd peg the minimum system configuration at 128 meg, but Apple would have a lot more customers happier with the minimum set at 256M - Apple needs to have people more comfortable with OS/X at this point - its an issue more important than profit margins. Anything they can do to make the transition to the new OS as painless as possible will help.
(If they have been thinking along these lines then they would be going with the G4 as well, differentiating the consumer models as single processor machines; professional would be multi-processor.)

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