No mouse..only keystrokes to login..haaaalllp!


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Jul 30, 2017
I just got a new iMac desktop and I don't have a mouse yet only a keyboard to login with at startup. Does anyone know what keystrokes to use to select the box that pops up requiring you to sign in to your iCloud? I had it working the other night and then I updated the system which kicked song that I was using for a mouse off and I am unable to use that now just trying to login so I can use the computer help somebody please thank you in advance


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Apr 27, 2003
No mouse came with it? I thought they did!
They do. There's no way to buy an iMac directly from Apple that doesn't come with a keyboard and mouse. Perhaps by "new" he meant "new to him." Or even more likely, by "iMac" he meant "Mac Mini."
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