Not even Customer Relations able to help, why?

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Do you think It's time for apple to reconsider the way it treats It's customers?

  1. Yes, Their product prices should match how well they treat customers

  2. No, I don't mind waiting for a genius appointment 2 weeks

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  3. I have rarely had issues with Apple

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  1. iTom501 macrumors member


    Jul 11, 2016
    London, UK
    I' mot here to find a solution, because there Isn't one, instead I just wanted to let my frustration out, because I know people here will understand.

    I own a MacBook Pro with Apple Care+, iMac, Watch2, iPhone 7, Apple TV etc..

    Two weeks ago, the same week, my Watch broke, then my iP 7, my MacBook and later the iMac.

    I took my MacBook in,becasue half of the screen went completely off with some ''shadows'', told the ''genius'' that it's been repaired 5 times by apple because it had problems with the LCD, so I asked him to speak with his manager and swap my Mac for a new one instead of repairing the wreck that has been broken for so many times. They looked into my previous repairs and agreed that I can get a replacement, which they ordered that same day. Now, after a week someone from the Store left me a voicemail, saying that I do not meet the criteria for blah blah blah, they basically wouldn't replace my Mac, instead they agreed on replacing the LCD, which would make it the 6th replacement I'd have had in less then a year.

    I chatted to the customer service team. Then Customer Relations, we all know the story, hours and hours waiting while they connect me to the right person. Then it happened, after 40 times of explaining what my issue was, they assigned me an assistant that was going to resolve my case. She was sweet, gave me her working hours, etc. I was supposed to get a call from her the next day with a solution and when I didn't, I called up. No answer. Then I emailed. No response. So after 4 days I finally got trough and spoke to someone else, that, very clearly made it sound like I'm lying, that I haven't received an update about my case. I quote Advisor ''Oh the advisor didn't call you to tell you the solution?''
    Me ''no''
    Advisor ''really''?

    Then he told me that the solution was that the Store refused to replace the mac, but was offering me a free LCD replacement under Apple Care +, At this point I'm thinking I'll rather throw the Mac out the window then going trough this process again, so I agreed to the LCD replacement but I did ask him to find out the reason why they would refuse to replace my unit, as it was stated in the email that the genius wrote, that I'm eligible to a new unit replacement as a description to my case. The advisor asked me to explain him the whole situation, at this point I wanted to cry, seriously. I explained him, slowly, again, he said that there was nothing else to do, since this was the last decision that my Store has made. Then wished me a lovely afternoon and went on with his marry day.

    Now mind you, this was all done trough customer relations.

    I'm terrified, this is the most expensive macbook that apple had in it's line just a year ago and they way they treated me, or perhaps other customers too is just sad.

    Now, all I'm going to do is return my Watch 2 together with the Beats headphones I purchased with my phone tomorrow. Speaking for myself, I think my apple obsession is going to it's end.
  2. rshrugged macrumors 6502a

    Oct 11, 2015
    If you have exhausted all other means of escalation, email the CEO -- tcook@appleDOTcom

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