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    But last night, I couldn’t remember my iCloud password. I was on my phone trying to buy an app and got my password wrong a few times. So I clicked on reset password...and it just asked me my phone password and then let me set a new one. Usually I have to answer security questions to set my new password but this one it didn’t make me do that. It seems odd to be able to set a new password only needing to know my phone password. When did this change start? Also, is there any other protection I am not thinking of. I don’t remember which phone I was using.
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    Does anyone even know what I am talking about?!
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    You don't remember which phone you were using last night?
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    That is a new feature in iOS 11, and I believe you must have 2 step enabled.
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    Two-Factor Authentication at work... gotta remember the details.

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