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Apr 12, 2001

While the inclusion of a display notch on the latest MacBook Pro was derided by many from its first appearance as a rumor ahead of the machine's unveiling, it's now a fact of life for those who have purchased Apple's latest pro notebook.

Various apps and wallpaper designs to hide the notch have popped up, but The Iconfactory has gone in the opposite direction, embracing the notch with a simple new app called "Notchmeister" that lets you add effects to the notch.
So what does Notchmeister do?

Think of it as a fun way to spruce up your notch. Or as a screen saver for something you can’t see. Or, maybe, just a useless waste of time.
The free app offers a handful of effects you can apply to the area of your screen around the notch, including festive holiday lights dangling from the notch, a pop-up radar screen, and a glow effect that tracks your pointer when it moves behind the notch.


Yes, it's gimmicky, but it's a free download from the Mac App Store, an interesting proof of concept, and worth a few minutes to play with.

Article Link: 'Notchmeister' Lets You Decorate the Notch on Your MacBook Pro


Jul 12, 2016
This is fun — reminds me of the Talking Moose, which for those of you too young to remember, was an animated moose that occasionally popped down from the menu bar to say something amusing. I miss that little guy.
So the Moose is kind of what Clippy was for Microsoft, except ‘Clippy’ never said anything, just gave you that awkward smile.


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Jul 20, 2001
Yep, I hate to think how half these people would react these days if anyone released a screensaver featuring flying toasters.
This is exactly what popped into my head too. I regret absolutely none of my time spent doing things like playing with ResEdit or increasing my number of toasters. The light and fun stuff is what hooked me on Apple in the first place.
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