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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by odin, Jan 3, 2017.

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    I've been unable to find current resources relating to the Office 2016 "bug/feature" where MS decided to install a separate set of fonts for each app in the suite, thus adding something over 2GB in size to the install.

    Has this been resolved in current versions of the software? I never updated because of this; but, I'm going to have to use some of them soon for a work related issue and really don't want all those duplicates on my system. Originally you could move them and script them to work but each update added them back.

    I saw posted that perhaps this issue has been resolved and no longer requires editing anything beyond just moving the fonts to the proper fonts folder and deleting duplicates.

    So, since I can't find anything online other than really old posts about this that are at least a year or well over in age, I wanted to ask if you guys had any updated information or tips.
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    I believe it has been resolved, however, to make sure you should ask in the MS Office Forum.
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    Chiming in here with Office 2016 installed (O365). IMO the Fonts folder was really never much of an issue, being maybe 25-35MB in volume for each app. The larger issue for file bloat was - and still is - the volume of the collective Frameworks, Resources, and SharedSupport folders. I use the word "volume" as something with volume takes up space, a la our drives, whereas "size" doesn't describe displacement quite as much. That last bit written, in each of those apps those 3 directories exist - even in Outlook - to the volume ranging from 900MB for OneNote to 1.97GB for Word (Excel - 1.74GB; PowerPoint - 1.65GB; Outlook - 1.62GB).

    I didn't check Skype as I haven't installed it on my Mac and use Skype on a cheap Lumia 640 with a hacked Win 10 ROM - Skype runs much better on the Lumia than it does on my Mac.

    I have tried a few times to pare down some of the Resource and SharedSupport folders - I do speak Portuguese and Spanish and French and some Norwegian but never will use them in Office. I have not been able to run an app with unused languages installed (following the lead of App Shaver…) but then the app won't run. Restoring from a copy/backup of the pared-down app leads to the message that Office needs to be re-installed and, following, authenticated. Again, I'm using my Office 365 Home license, not a standalone Office install with a SN.

    Yes, I'm still grumpy about this… :mad::oops:
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    Thanks! When I searched for the issue, most old related posts were in this one. My bad for not thinking to put it there!
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    I can understand why. I've been happy as can be without this crap. hehe

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