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  1. M

    Issue with fonts

    Hi, something happened with my fonts - some text, including that which should be using system fonts, is garbled (see screenshot from an email - this is what it looks like in apple mail). Things I've tried so far: • system reinstall from recovery (didn't help) • ran "resolve duplicates" from...
  2. Rozovici

    Fonts on 4K Dell g3223q

    Hello, I just bought a 32inch 4K monitor for my 14inch Macbook Pro as I was trying to go for the best option that has at least 120Hz refresh rate and will give me sharp fonts. My slight disappointment is related to the sharpness of the fonts. I can't say they are blurry, but I don't find them...
  3. B

    Why is macOS 'hiding' fonts?

    Since High Sierra, or possibly earlier, macOS has been bundling fonts in /System/Library/Fonts that are 'installed, but hidden'. That is, they are unavailable to most apps, and not shown in FontBook or the macOS font selector window. These include Athelas, Marion, Iowan Old Style, Courier, and...
  4. Z

    free fonts?

    What is the case with font websites (fontsgeek . allbestfonts etc) that seem to gather fonts from al around the world and distribute them for free? Is what there doing, or downloading fonts from them legit?
  5. blackxacto

    How do I add a fonts from my iMac to my iOS15 iPhone11Pro?

    19,1 iMac, macOS 11.6, iOS15.0.2 iPhone11Pro: There are maybe 10 fonts I use primarily on my iMac that I want to add to my iOS15 iPhone11Pro. Researching looks like I must buy an app (which includes fonts) for the iPhone to install the fonts. Is this the only way? I mean I own these fonts, why...
  6. Z

    Enlarging fonts in Viber desktop app

    Is it possible to enlarge the fonts of the Viber desktop app?
  7. Z

    purchasing fonts

    What is the case when purchasing fonts? Is it better for fonts to be purchased by the client or the designer? With the little i know i would suspect that its best to be purchased by the designer in order to be used by him in different projects. As if purchased by the client they could only be...
  8. C

    Upgrading to an UltraFine 4K monitor ?

    Hi ! I just have bought a Dell P3421W monitor (3840 x 1440, that is 109 ppi) and I just do not like how fonts look like. I have a Mac mini M1 and so am using this as my main monitor. I understand that there is not that much to do regarding blurring (I already have tested some tweaks), and so I...
  9. teodorpk

    Fonts on DELL U2715H not looking great

    Hello, new here - first time Mac user, after 20+ years on Windows. Got a new Mac Mini M1 and attached a DELL U2715H monitor to it using a high quality HDMI cable, set its resolution to the native one - 2560x1440 which looks great on my windows computer. The fonts were not that sharp/crisp i'd...
  10. Vandal.

    Resolved Font Changes in Emails from Mac to Windows

    Hey guys, when receiving email replies from Windows users, I somehow always assumed that it is a problem with Mail displaying quoted text from Windows email clients like Outlook in the wrong font. Today I found out that all our emails received by these clients arrive in Times New Roman (unless...
  11. c0deless

    Deleted all Fonts

    Hey guys , my ccleaner app just deleted all my macbook fonts so now i have a big problem because never found a download link to have fonts back ... Could someone help me out by sending me the fonts please . Screenshot : Thanks in advance.
  12. Z

    only 3 fonts available?

    Its very strange that there are only 3 fonts available from the OpenSansCondensed font family... - Open Sans Condensed Light - Open Sans Condensed Light Italic - Open Sans Condensed Bold I wonder why aren't there the rest available? For example where are the Condensed Regular, Condensed SemiBold...
  13. CoolGuy9890

    Safari 12 and User Installed Fonts

    I have a web-based business software that I use for work and it uses the font “Century Gothic” in its main interface. Since it is not a built in font in macOS High Sierra, I downloaded the font from the internet. When I upgraded to Safari 12 on my MacBook Pro 2017 TouchBar, I realized that the...
  14. blackxacto

    Why does Apple block turning these fonts off?

    Yes, they must be system fonts, but why use them in their system? Is it that code is written in various countries, and Apple does not translate them into English? I hate seeing these fonts take up so much room in Design and Photo programs. I'll never use them. What a waste of desktop acreage...
  15. N

    System font troubles

    Hi, i need some help. I was clearing out some fonts from my system and all of a sudden this happened. (see image attached.) Its a disaster.. How do i fix this?
  16. Chris Powers

    Installing new fonts without an app

    Hey friends, So, in the past (via the website “fontsquirrel”) I was able to download and install a new font to my iPadPro running iOS11 (11.2.0, I believe it was). I thought that this ability to install fonts without an app was something new to iOS 11 in their effort to make the iPad...
  17. N

    Installed fonts not loading

    I have an iMac and MacBook, both with Adobe CS5.5 installed. Suddenly, my installed fonts are not available on all programmes in CS on my iMac. All is normal on my MacBook. Talking to a colleague and looking at forums I made sure that all fonts are installed in both the system and user fonts...
  18. flean

    ios 11. fonts issue in NOTES.

    hello, Correct me if I'm wrong but when I read my list of notes in NOTES app, I can see a slight drop shadow on the top of the fonts which hurt the eyes after a long read. It is more apparent in the headers/titles. How do you remove this drop shadow on the fonts? How to improve the sharpness...
  19. poiihy

    What narrow/condensed fonts does Windows have?

    What narrow/condensed fonts does Microsoft Windows 7 and 10 have, and what's their exact "font family" name that can be used in CSS? According to Wikipedia's List of typefaces included with Microsoft Windows, it has a font named "Abadi MT Condensed Light" which was included since Win98. This'll...
  20. S

    Mail > Get Account Info window: goofy font size

    Hello. I am running 10.12.4 and using the native I recently noticed - when I used all my mail quota on an IMAP server - that the fonts in the mailbox column of the account info window (see attached) were incorrectly displayed and difficult to read. Looks like they are too large to me...