1. Vandal.

    Resolved Font Changes in Emails from Mac to Windows

    Hey guys, when receiving email replies from Windows users, I somehow always assumed that it is a problem with Mail displaying quoted text from Windows email clients like Outlook in the wrong font. Today I found out that all our emails received by these clients arrive in Times New Roman (unless...
  2. c0deless

    Deleted all Fonts

    Hey guys , my ccleaner app just deleted all my macbook fonts so now i have a big problem because never found a download link to have fonts back ... Could someone help me out by sending me the fonts please . Screenshot : Thanks in advance.
  3. Z

    only 3 fonts available?

    Its very strange that there are only 3 fonts available from the OpenSansCondensed font family... - Open Sans Condensed Light - Open Sans Condensed Light Italic - Open Sans Condensed Bold I wonder why aren't there the rest available? For example where are the Condensed Regular, Condensed SemiBold...
  4. CoolGuy9890

    Safari 12 and User Installed Fonts

    I have a web-based business software that I use for work and it uses the font “Century Gothic” in its main interface. Since it is not a built in font in macOS High Sierra, I downloaded the font from the internet. When I upgraded to Safari 12 on my MacBook Pro 2017 TouchBar, I realized that the...
  5. blackxacto

    Why does Apple block turning these fonts off?

    Yes, they must be system fonts, but why use them in their system? Is it that code is written in various countries, and Apple does not translate them into English? I hate seeing these fonts take up so much room in Design and Photo programs. I'll never use them. What a waste of desktop acreage...
  6. N

    System font troubles

    Hi, i need some help. I was clearing out some fonts from my system and all of a sudden this happened. (see image attached.) Its a disaster.. How do i fix this?
  7. Chris Powers

    Installing new fonts without an app

    Hey friends, So, in the past (via the website “fontsquirrel”) I was able to download and install a new font to my iPadPro running iOS11 (11.2.0, I believe it was). I thought that this ability to install fonts without an app was something new to iOS 11 in their effort to make the iPad...
  8. N

    Installed fonts not loading

    I have an iMac and MacBook, both with Adobe CS5.5 installed. Suddenly, my installed fonts are not available on all programmes in CS on my iMac. All is normal on my MacBook. Talking to a colleague and looking at forums I made sure that all fonts are installed in both the system and user fonts...
  9. flean

    ios 11. fonts issue in NOTES.

    hello, Correct me if I'm wrong but when I read my list of notes in NOTES app, I can see a slight drop shadow on the top of the fonts which hurt the eyes after a long read. It is more apparent in the headers/titles. How do you remove this drop shadow on the fonts? How to improve the sharpness...
  10. poiihy

    What narrow/condensed fonts does Windows have?

    What narrow/condensed fonts does Microsoft Windows 7 and 10 have, and what's their exact "font family" name that can be used in CSS? According to Wikipedia's List of typefaces included with Microsoft Windows, it has a font named "Abadi MT Condensed Light" which was included since Win98. This'll...
  11. S

    Mail > Get Account Info window: goofy font size

    Hello. I am running 10.12.4 and using the native I recently noticed - when I used all my mail quota on an IMAP server - that the fonts in the mailbox column of the account info window (see attached) were incorrectly displayed and difficult to read. Looks like they are too large to me...
  12. P

    Font Issue with Font Book

    Hi I have just upgraded to a Macbook Pro using macOS Sierra 10.12.3. I was previously using an iMac (around 2012) Sierra. I have used Microsoft's Century Gothic font in an Adobe Indesign project. The font no longer displays on the new Macbook Pro. I have noted that Century Gothic is installed...
  13. Techrebel

    How to use macOS fonts in Windows

    Hi, I wanna use the San Francisco fonts for UI design, does anyone know how to install this fonts on a windows PC? I suppose it is possible to convert the font format to one legible for windows. Thanks for your help.
  14. O

    Office 2016 Font Issues

    I've been unable to find current resources relating to the Office 2016 "bug/feature" where MS decided to install a separate set of fonts for each app in the suite, thus adding something over 2GB in size to the install. Has this been resolved in current versions of the software? I never updated...
  15. bijutoha

    Font Identification

    Hello, I'm looking for the font used in the Watch that I've included below. Can you please help me?
  16. RumorzGuy

    Close to 1,500 fonts disappear from Photoshop CS6 Fonts Menu

    [ NOW RESOLVED ] Well, I just made an interesting discovery while working on updating some of my graphics in Adobe Photoshop CS6. While I about 1825 Open Type Fonts, True Type Fonts and Font Suitcases files installed in my "Fonts" folder in my Home library -- or about 660 actual font families...
  17. A

    iPad - Font used and icons?

    Dear all, Strange one this...bare with me! :) I am making a door display of an ipad and have printed out all the icons (very difficult to find by the way!) I would like to know how I can replicate the font at the top where it says iPad and the time in the middle and the battery and percentage...
  18. heyhector

    Installing Thousands of Fonts. What's the Worst that can Happen?

    Seriously, what is the worst that can happen? My company is upgrading our old iMacs. Our IT guy told us to collect all our fonts so he can install them in our new iMacs, that way we don't have to re-download and install them. I don't think anyone was expecting a 3gb folder with 9,000 items (no...
  19. H


    HI! I have recently started to travel for work, which has meant leaving my desktop mac in the office, and working from my PC laptop only. I have been pleasantly surprised to find that you can use Pages online on a PC now (via iCloud), and it is actually quite good. However, I am working on a...
  20. L

    increase size safari fonts?

    Hi How do I increase the size of fonts in safari on a iPad mini 2 running ios9 as I can't see web pages clearly.