Office Document Scanning- What do you Use?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Huntn, May 3, 2016.

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    I've had a Scansnap 1300i document scanner for a couple of years now.


    It's does a good job, but it's got one area where it could be improved, document recognition. I scan my documents to a folder that is subdivided into sub categories. The way the Scansnap software works, after it's scanned, a window pops up with scan to locations. I select folder, it's pops up the last folder I use, but then I must navigate to the proper sub-folder.

    I'd love some software that can recognize a gas bill via OCR and automatically send it to the correct sub-folder. I talked to Fujitsu yesterday and sadly they informed me that the software required was in the price ballpark of $400-1000 (third party I think).

    So, what do you guys use? Anyone have a system that automatically files documents away to their proper locations automatically?
    Thanks! :):)
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    Seems like the OCR game and auto-filing/sorting is too complex or problematic for low cost software. Most options include a database (think iTunes) with tagging to file, sort and find docs easily....if manually.

    Yep and DevonThink come to mind....or Evernote if you want cloud access from any device plus an off site backup.
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    I use my ix500 for scanning EVERYthing, and I've personally had no issues manually sorting, but I certainly see the allure of the automatic sorting. You might want to check with David Sparks of "Paperless" e-book and "Mac Power Users" podcast fame. I seem to recall him discussing his ix500/OCR/Hazel workflow to do what you want.

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