Oh no. Out of warranties 2 dropped phone keyboard mouse in tub. Whatcha do?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ComposerX, Sep 10, 2014.

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    Hmmm so while I have a question about macs. I thought my first post should= helping someone. :)

    Ok, this has actually happened to me. Either one way or another something either spilled several times on keyboard, iPhone once ipad:eek::mad::mad::eek:!!

    Anyway, what to do (or what I did), phone, forget about using for a few days. More if it's cold, humid. Summer on the west coast is best. So think Dry heat. Room with low humidity and warm. 75F degrees.

    Keyboard batteries off. Faster than turning power off. Basically. Depending on what got on it. You don't want to send Hexcidecimal/Binary or power to go off at all. ie. Not even pressing tab. So try not to touch any keys. Take out batteries. Soak in low cookie sheet and 91 or highest, purest alcohol. That's right soak it for a few minutes. The alcohol washes away impurities even in tap water. You'd be surprised. Well some anyways. Put in bag with rice and place in dry place. Put battery cover back on as you don't want rice. This mostly applies to iPhone as a small heater, dry air, will do the trick in a few hours. Still. Wait a day and keep away from humidity.

    For phone. Same thing. Power down. ASAP. soak. Dry in bag no heater here), place rice in bag. The chances of rice getting into headphone Jack skim. It would come out anyway. But some stylus have a plastic simulated headphone Jack to store it or use a worn pair of headphones. JUST COVER THE JACK. then go to Rite Aid pay less. Look on bottom of shoe racks. You"ll see jell salt feeling silicone packs everywhere....just ask those working their if you can have. I've never gotten a NO. Place in bag with rice. Help to dry and keep moisture away.

    Same with ipad. Wait 3 days in warm dry place. If the screen looks funky try another day. If it still looks wet, keep drying if not and you tried another day and display a little off. It should come back to norm. Alcohol almost drys instantly. If it were molasses (what, how the ......), you would probably need to soak empty. Refill and do it until your pretty sure whatever spilt is gone. This happen to my iPhone a while ago. At first 3 days later phone display weird looking but only in black. One one you couldn't see. If for a second you touch the screen and it's liquid, you should check anyway, start the alcohol rice silicone over. If not Perfect display. In time a week, just keep on, plug in, keep display going the artifact should dissipate.

    Hope this help. What did you do ?

    I.T. Trick. Dead Hard drive. Put in freezer for 3-5 hours. Then try to see if it works.

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    How do you manage to drop keyboards & mice into your bathtub?

    Damage you do yourself isn't covered by Apple's warranty.
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    WTF are you babbling about?

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