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Apr 12, 2001

Apple is now producing final prototypes of iPads with OLED displays, with the device focusing on a lightweight design and improved image quality, according to ET News.


The prototypes are reportedly being produced with Korean display partners Samsung and LG Display and allow Apple to undertake a series of tests. Apple is said to be focusing on giving the OLED iPad a lighter design and "unrivaled image quality," partly facilitated by a dry etching process that significantly reduces the weight of the display. The company is also believed to be developing a special coating to increase the display's durability, necessitated by how thin it is.

The first OLED iPad models are expected to include an 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The devices are widely rumored to launch in 2024.

Article Link: OLED iPad Rumored to Focus on Lightweight Design and 'Unrivaled' Image Quality
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Jun 10, 2022
I am wondering if Apple intends to move all the iPad’s to the M1 chip? With the regular iPad getting a price drop to $299 i am wondering if they are trying to make room for a M1 equipped regular entry level iPad…

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Aug 6, 2015
Great news, as a good display is both iPad’s and iPhone’s most important component! Considering Apple are rumoured to start using them with a Pro line first, does it effectively mean the end of a 12.9” mini-LED line?


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Jun 10, 2022
Is Jony Ive back?

Anyway, I find the current models so thin and slippery that I need a case to make it holdable.

Too thin means there’s nothing to grip!!
I agree… i bought a protective case just to have something to grip on the iPad Pro 11” - which was a pain because not many (only one) is also compatible with the magic keyboard attachment… This is for when i am on the run and don’t need to, or can’t use the keyboard.
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Feb 22, 2020
So producing final prototypes but still 2 years away?
Probably to also see more volume and scalability of the OLED producers. Right now, they’re already at their limits just making OLED for iPhones (Apple was forced to do orders to BOE in addition to Samsung).


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Jun 10, 2022
Less grip -> more likely to fall -> more likely to get damaged -> more money for Apple via repairs/people buying new iPads

Now you see why Apple would go for it.
You know… i really don’t like to think that way of Apple, but it’s becoming harder and harder not to do… they have some insanely innovative and creative products, and those are the people who make the real money for Apple; but itdoesn’t seem those are the ones who are making the final judgment calls on how a product finally goes out the door…
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