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Apr 12, 2001

Smartphone accessory companies Olloclip and Incase today announced a new collaborative product called the "Filmer's Kit" for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The $199 kit includes "curated essentials" for users who regularly find themselves filming, taking photos, or live streaming on an iPhone 7.


Specifically, the Filmer's Kit includes an Olloclip Core Lens Set with Fisheye, Super-wide, and Macro 15x lenses, an Olloclip Active Lens Set with Telephoto and Ultra-Wide lenses, an Olloclip Pivot articulating mobile video grip, and a carrying case that was a joint effort between Olloclip and Incase.
"olloclip remains committed to finding new and exciting ways to making inspiring videos and photos fun and easy to capture on your mobile device. Partnering with Incase made sense to us since they, too, understand the importance of the photographic category and offer a complete collection aimed at the modern-day photographer and videographer," said Patrick O'Neill, founder of olloclip.

"We also appreciate how Incase's minimalistic and easy-to-use design language complements olloclip's design ethos by focusing on maximizing functionality while delivering the finest details and finishes."
The companies are releasing the $199 Filmer's Kit in a super-exclusive supply run of less than 2,000 copies worldwide. The kit won't be made available to purchase on, or on Olloclip's and Incase's websites, so those interested will have to visit an Apple retail location to pick up a copy before they sell out.

Olloclip did refer to the Filmer's Kit as the "inaugural" edition, suggesting there could be more of the product, perhaps in a wider release, coming in the future.

Update Aug 17: The Filmer's Kit is now available at

Article Link: Olloclip and Incase Launch Limited Edition iPhone 7 'Filmer's Kit' Exclusively at Apple Stores
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IJ Reilly

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Jul 16, 2002
The iPhone now takes film? The proper term is "record."

The persistence of the word "film" where no actual film is involved always struck me as odd. We also have the handy word "video" to describe the current media. The term "tape" also persists for no apparent reason, which is weird, since hardly anyone under the age of 40 has even touched a reel of tape.


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Mar 9, 2012
Wow, do not pay that ridiculous price for this kit.

I bought this kit on Amazon, and although it did take a month or so to get it (comes from China) it is the same, better even, and less than half the price. I can't believe they're going to try to trick people into buying this under the guise of "exclusivity."

No, it is not the same. I have one of these ebay/amazon kits and they are cheap quality compared to more expensive options that I also have. I am not saying that I would pay $200, but you need to compare products of equal quality.
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Jimmy James

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Oct 26, 2008
I would have a problem in a scenario where camera makers changed the body mounts every year or few and requiring the purchase of new lenses each time. That's essentially what we have in this situation.


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Aug 25, 2016
I stopped buying accessories for iPhone when I realized these will only fit on a specific model. No point in buying especially during the “S” cycle.


Oct 6, 2005
I like the iPro lens approach myself. Quality lenses, and you just have to buy a new case to fit them on if you upgrade your phone.


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Jan 26, 2009
Wouldn't whomever is this serious about filming get the new iPhone as soon as it's out anyway? Seems like a $200 expense late in the game and an "exclusive limited run" actually a result of not having wide appeal and impractical timing.

Can't imagine anyone that's serious about videography taking this seriously.


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Jul 21, 2011
To each is own. But personally, i think this defeats the whole reason to use the iphone as your camera. Its simplicity and portability. Keep it simple. If i wanted multiple lenses, id just get a large chip camera with a zoom or a dslr with some specialty lenses. But hey...go for it if it works for you.


Jul 4, 2017
Artsakh, Armenia
It would be really worthwhile if it would work with every iPhone. That way you'd get to upgrade your CMOS and stuff without having to buy new lenses. It's too bad, my Canon HV30 is a great camcorder but has fallen behind in terms of video quality and digital features.


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Sep 3, 2010
The iPhone now takes film? The proper term is "record."
Filmmakers are still called filmmakers despite the lack of, you know, film. That’s because “film” is referring to the final product – and a film is a word for a movie (which itself harkens back to non-moving images).
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Jun 24, 2003
Filmmakers are still called filmmakers despite the lack of, you know, film. That’s because “film” is referring to the final product – and a film is a word for a movie (which itself harkens back to non-moving images).

Yup, I work in the film industry not the video industry.

No one dials a rotary on a phone to make a phone call anymore, but you still call it dialing when you touch your iPhone screen...
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