OMG funny Mac vs PC parody


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Jun 17, 2009
Afraid I gave up after 20secs - I'm bored of seeing 'funny' clips of that film.

Just not clever/funny/original anymore.


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haha well done mate! thought that was pretty good :D think your thread might be closed though cause it could be seen as an attempt to get more views, not sure though?
good work nonetheless, very funny :D


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Sep 4, 2008
NSW, Australia
Somehow I don't think all these tags were related to the video

" Tags:
Applentech mac pc apple microsoft funny hitler parody downfall personal computer macintosh ipod iphone zune nano touch classic frezkee comp tv television sony playstation xbox 360 nintendo wii jailbreak firmware update 3g 3gs 2g unlocked unlock video mock stupid hilarious "

Seriously if you have to tag something that isn't even related to the video just to get people to watch it, you shouldn't bother with uploading it in the first place.
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