On the Verizon, can you swap Back & forth with an AT&T 3g sim?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by WalledMacGarden, Mar 29, 2012.

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    Using the AT&T sim already activated should not be an issue, I have a 3g AT&T sim from my iPad 2 which I am keeping so no worries about activating. But can you then swap back and forth between the 3g AT&T sim & Verizon LTE sim? I really can't see why not...but seeing if anyone is doing this.

    If this works well, the options seem great to own the Verizon Model, My AT&T should be faster on HSPA+ and I have Verizon on my iPhone so I can use the 4G and hotspot if needed on Verizon.

    Of course if they for some reason ever block us from using an AT&T sim in the Verizon model that would be pretty bad.
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    I have a Verizon on which I'm using an AT&T sim. I haven't activated the verizon service but I have swapped the sim in and out and the Verizon purchase page comes up when the Verizon sim is in there so I assume you can purchase service. Taking the sim out and using AT&T should not deactivate the sim. However, unlike the at sim, once the Verizon sim goes dormant for 5 months, it cannot be reactovated. The AT&T sim cannot be activated or reactivated on the iPad itself, you have to go to www.att.com/ipadlanding. Once there, you can log in with your account and change your data subscription. You CANNOT cancel auto renewal from this page. If you select cancel on this page, it will immediately cancel your account and you won't even be able able to log in. Once you cancel service, you will have to select "get m pass" from this page, put in the IMEI nmber from your ipad2 (not ipad3) and the ICCID which is the nmber printed on the six card itself.
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    As long as you have 2 activated cards, you can switch back and forth. When you pop in a new one, it takes a min or 2 to catch but it does just fine. I kept my iPad 2 for my wife with AT&T unlimited sim and I just got the iPad 3 with Verizon because of LTE in my area. I did upgrade the sim in the unlimited plan so I can get unlimited LTE if I'm in an AT&T LTE area, so if need be I can switch between the cards. So in the end, it works just fine.....
  4. dmccloud, Mar 29, 2012
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    You can put an ATT sim in the Verizon iPad, but you will only get 3G speed. This is because Verizon's LTE uses a different frequency than ATT, so the devices can not switch to each other's LTE networks, just 3G.

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