Online backup of external drive?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by dmaxdmax, Jun 12, 2016.

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    I'm running El Capitan and backup my MBP to a late model Time Capsule. However, I have a TB or 2 of media on an external drive that would completely fill the Capsule. Rather than buy yet another external HD, what on-line service is best suited to work as a supplement to Time Machine?

    Thank you
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    I've read quite a few pages but nothing that addresses my particular need. I'm fine with Time Machine for everything except my external media drive.
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    Check out BackBlaze
    $5/month unlimited or $50/yr

    If you don't have a clone backup it's time to start. Just like a seat belt and an air bag protect you in different ways when driving, you need both Time Machine and a clone for full protection.

    Create a Clone backup:

    A clone is an exact bootable copy of your internal drive. Unlike standard copying of all files to another drive, the clone software copies hidden files along with other in-use files that are not available when you copy over files to another drive.

    Time Machine is not bootable on older versions of OS X. You could only restore from Time Machine unless you have a newer Time Machine that is now includes a recovery drive that is bootable. .

    Software used to Clone:


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