Opening a photo in PS from 'Photo"

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    I have just switched to a Macbook from using Windows all my life and all of that intuitive stuff is no longer of any use to me! The Mac OS is SO different :(
    All I want to know is how to open a photo in Photoshop directly from the "Photo" app. For the life of me I can't work out how to do it! PLEASE help, thanks.
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    You would not open a photo in Photoshop from the Photo app - that would be like opening a document in Word directly from the Pages app.

    You should export the photo in question and then use Photoshop to open it either from Photoshop itself or from a Finder window.
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    It should be possible to just drop the image onto Photoshop's dock icon (using the mouse).
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    In iPhoto right clicking on an image gives the option to "Edit in external program", which can be Photoshop, for example.

    So yes, we could open a photo in Photoshop from iPhoto.

    This no longer exists in

    Dragging the image onto the Photoshop's dock icon works, though.

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