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  1. J

    Save password for Adobe Photoshop / Creative Cloud

    Is it possible to save my Adobe Creative Cloud email and password to avoid typing it myself? Adobe allows you to use their products on two computers simultaneously... but I have three. So I often need to sign myself out to use the third computer, and I don't want to retype my username/password...
  2. ArhnoldShwarzenberger

    Photoshop and Adobe Premiere without a subscription

    I'm looking for a used MacBook PRO. I'm aiming for a model with at least 16GB RAM (or 32GB) or expandable. MacBook must work with a PCIE NVME drive and have DDR4 or DDR5. Retina 2/3K screen. I don't know on what system and on what configurations the subscription-free Photoshop CS and Premiere...
  3. T

    Is Sonoma better than Venura for printing using software's color management?

    I am withdrawing this question.
  4. FangRock

    Photoshop displaying half size (retina issue)

    I know this has come up before, I did have a solution, but it's no longer working. This problem is driving me crackers. I do quite a lot of design work in photoshop. I like to design an 100% so i can judge text size for web ads. However, photoshop shows 100% (cmd+1) differently to every other...
  5. madmac66

    Adobe Application Manager

    Running into issues trying to install Adobe Photoshop (and other creative cloud apps) on a freshly minted Mojave system (patched with dosdude). I have all the CC19 offline installers as well as working installs on my El Cap volume. However when I try to install PS I get this error error code...
  6. B

    Printing from Mac Studio M1

    Bear with me while I set this up... I am working on a new Mac Studio M1, purchased in December 2022. Since I have been on this machine, I have had tons of different issues with a lot of different applications in the Ventura OS, but have squared away most issues by backtracking to Monterey...
  7. J

    Best MacBook Pro for photoshop

    Looking for input and advice on a MacBook Pro for photoshop. Thinking M1 Pro 16gb ram 1tb. Is that enough ram? Obviously cost is an issue too. Thanks.
  8. H

    Buying advice: Old 2009-2013 iMac as a secondary screen for photo editing with Macbook Pro 2020

    Hi, I have a Macbook Pro 2020 13 inch and i use it mainly for photo editing. I used to edit photos on my 17 inch 2019 Asus ROG but the colour accuracy of Macbook pro is great. But 13 inch screen isn’t that helpful tbh. So i was thinking of buying a budget monitor and i thought why not grab a...
  9. M

    Brute force Photoshop CS6 on El Capitan ?

    I got a spare mac from work because they've got an Adobe CC account, so I may as well be on it, and my old personal imac is a bit long in the tooth. I've had a week of headaches but I've more or less got it (new one) running in a way I can work with. Someone had put Catalina on it and broke its...
  10. Parkeroilar2328

    Edit my fanmade iPod ads!

    As a tribute to the iPod officially being discontinued by Apple 1 month ago, I decided to create a Photoshop contest! Here are the banners i made (Note: The silhouettes were created from Scratch sprites, and my ads are remakes, Ignore the typos): Reply with your edited ad!
  11. C

    How to unlock Photoshop background by default

    I want to run an action in batch but I notice the result is not what it's supposed to be, I figure that when I open one of my images by default it's lock and if I run my action directly like this I get the same result blank image. Since I want to use the batch process how can I tell to photoshop...
  12. P

    Is it any good for High end Photoshop use (commercial retouching)

    I'm seeing lots of benchmarks for video work, rendering work and some audio work but not much in relation to Photoshop. As a commercial retoucher i rarely use any of the gpu related features of photoshop i'd like to see test on: large file handling 4-10GB (opening, saving of 8bit, 16bit and...
  13. P

    USB access for VirtualBox to transfer Applications to VM

    I've installed VirtualBox to run High Sierra on my 2014 27" Retina iMac (Big Sur) Host Machine but can't find a way to make the VM access the USB device. I've tried the USB settings on the VM Manager and selected the USB Device but no luck. Also tried ejecting the USB on the Host before...
  14. rodedwards

    MP 1,1-5,1 Latest Photoshop 23 not compatible with Mojave OS 14.

    I've just tried to update my Classic Mac Pro 5,1 to latest Adobe Photoshop 23 running Mojave 10.14.6 - but it's no longer compatible. Adobe has dropped support for Mojave. Is there an easy way to upgrade to newer OS with these older Macs? New ones are just sooooo expensive...
  15. oooopossum

    Is Adobe CS6 able to be installed anymore? (On supported older macOS)

    Hi there. I was recently trying to install my legitimate copy of Adobe Photoshop CS6 on my MacBook (running 10.13) but when I put the Serial number (also legit) in it says I need to connect to the internet and try again. I've tried the entire list of troubleshooting tips for connecting to...
  16. jent

    Photo editing software: How to change color of a background layer?

    I have a .psd file of a logo that I've opened in Pixelmator Pro. I'm trying to change the overall color of a banner, which includes a vector smart object to give a kind of smoke effect across the image and another overlay. My goal, though, is to simply change the color of the bottom vector smart...
  17. W

    Photoshop flashes black and I can t fix it, M1

    Hi everyone, please help, I started using my new Macbook air M1 a couple weeks ago, photoshop was working fine, suddenly yesterday night it started flashing black. Actually the opposite, when I try and open a file it s black and when i move the cursor the image flashes back for a second. The...
  18. B

    Photoshop artboard going green, help please!

    Hi, does anyone know what this issue is? When I have my Macbook Pro connected to my LG 5K Ultrafine and using Photoshop 2021, the artboard/window goes green whenever I try and zoom in beyond 100%. This only happens when I'm connected to the monitor.Ultrafine
  19. Ompopo

    Will the Macbook Air M1/8GB/256GB be enough for one year with light graphic desing?

    Hiya, first post so don't shoot me if I should post something that has been talked about too much. So I'm currently working on a MacBook Pro (first gen. retina, mid-2012, see attached image for specs). It is just turned 9 years and it works, but it is starting to be slow. Now, I'm a graphic...
  20. chemical_eks

    "Photoshop has encountered a problem with the display driver"

    I have this problem on my photoshop today, can't find any solution to fix it! Please help me TT I'm currently using MacBook Pro M1 and Photoshop CC 2019 (v.20.0.7)