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Apr 12, 2001

Opera has become the "first web browser to integrate Twitter," according to its developers. In Opera 69, released today, the social media platform now appears directly in the app's sidebar.


The addition of the feature means users can access their main feed, search, and direct messages without having to open a dedicated tab to access the Twitter website or launch a separate Twitter client.
The use of a keyboard and a large display makes tweeting or sending direct messages more convenient. Using Twitter directly in the browser's sidebar is also more convenient than picking up your smartphone or opening a special client app on your PC, especially when it's breaking news you want to follow. The sidebar integration makes it easier to find Twitter whenever it's needed.
To enable Twitter in Opera, users just have to click the three-dot icon at the bottom of the sidebar and tick Twitter in the Messengers section. The Twitter icon will appear in the sidebar and users can log into their Twitter account from there.

The optional integration follows the recent addition of Instagram in Opera's sidbar, where WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger can also live.

The newest version of Opera also includes a new weather widget on the start page, an improved visual tab cycler, and improvements to Workspaces, which allows users to group tabs according to the context they use them in.

Opera often provides unique features not typically found in other major browsers, and comes with a built-in ad blocker and tracker blocker, free browser VPN, Crypto Wallet, and integrated social media messengers.

Opera 69 for Mac Desktop is a free download available on the Opera website.

Article Link: Opera Browser 69 for Mac Integrates Twitter into Sidebar


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Apr 27, 2003
They may have been the first to integrate it in the browser as a standard feature (I really don't know)... but I was using a plug-in or extension (I don't remember what they were called back then) over 10 years ago in Firefox.


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Aug 24, 2017
I for one would love to know the rationale for this.

I'm guessing that a not insignificant pot of cash from Twitter themselves may have had something to do with it though...


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May 14, 2012
Last time I used opera was for an old Mac that didn't have any working browser.
Giving Twitter a sidebar to your browsing experience, what could go wrong?
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Aug 8, 2013
I always forget Opera exists. Does anyone actually use it?
Are you joking? I can't even think about browsing without opera!
In short what I like about opera:
• When you select the text, "search" and "copy" pop-ups without clicking.
• A pop-up automatically converts currencies.
• Double click on the tab to return to the top of the page.
• Having telegram and whatsapp mini apps in the sidebar on the left side.
• automatic dark mode, which changes according to the system setting.
• Workspaces feature that can be accessed from the sidebar, to group newly added tabs.
• built in ad blocker.
• screenshot tool.

You don't need any extensions to get this features. So which browser can do all of this without installing extensions?


Mar 31, 2011
The browser is excellent currently, but like many, stopped using it when sold.


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Aug 27, 2018
South East Asia
I have totally forgotten Opera since I left Symbian.... and they still exists... huh. It’s like when you google “browser recommendation” and you go to second page of the search result just out of curiosity on what kind of browser would be on the second page and you see Opera.


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Jul 7, 2009
Erm... Vivaldi?! I've been using Twitter in their sidebar for ages...

Me too. I was coming here just to suggest that you try Vivaldi, in which you can use whatever you want in the sidebar.

I've been using it for instance with Twitter, Google News, Google Translator, Hacker News, a dictionary, etc... take a look at this screenshots:


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Jul 14, 2005
How is this different than keeping twitter open in a pinned tab.
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