Ordered my Power Support Crystal Film, try #2

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by melman101, Apr 15, 2011.

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    I'm sure some of you may know my story.

    Last Friday while being stupid, my iPad fell flat on it's screen. Nick in the screen. Barely noticeable unless your OCD. 3 days later my crystal film came in. Sucked. Anyhow, I didn't get it perfectly lined up and didn't want to risk removing it. So at the bottom, I cut it. Now it looks like my iPad has a crack in the bezel which is way worse than the nick that I got. So I ordered my second crystal film and it shipped today. Yes, I realize I wasted some money here, and I am very confident that my next application will be perfect. I just need to take my time and not rush it.

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    You should not be timid about removing the PS skins. They are very durable. I've removed them on several occasions. It's not a one shot deal; bubbles can be pressed out and dust can be removed with scotch tape. Cutting, on the other hand is not advisable. Unless you cut it with a very sharp razor or exacto knife, it will not lay flat.
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    Power Support films are worth it...

    In the past, I have used the Power Support crystal films on my iPhones (3GS & 4) and have been very happy. I didn't know how lucky I was, until I tried the cheap ebay version (see attached photo). The film quality was OK, and there was no bubbles. However, the cut was not clean around the camera, home button and edges - likely using cutting blade that's not sharp enough. The result is rough edges, and impossible for the film to stick entirely around the edges.

    The PS films for iPad 2 just became available only at the online store. But I am still having such a hard time convincing myself to pay $30 + $15 shipping to Canada :(

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