OS X 10.11 Mac Mail - Can't connect to GMail

Discussion in 'OS X El Capitan (10.11)' started by jwatters579, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. jwatters579 macrumors newbie


    Jun 20, 2015
    Has anyone else been having the issue of Mac Mail not connecting to Gmail? I don't know how many times I have added and deleted the account in internet accounts without it working. I go through the steps via Internet Accounts, enter in my login (no two-step verification), select the apps I want to use the account with (Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Messages, Notes)(Mind you I only select Mail and Calendar) click Done, the select the apps.... box doesn't disappear but get a notification saying "Google Account Added" with an option of "Not Now" or "Turn On". I click Turn On then go into Mail and it says Gmail cannot connect. Has anyone else have had this problem? If so, how do you fix it?
  2. Nekki_X macrumors newbie

    Sep 10, 2015
  3. HowardV macrumors newbie


    Oct 6, 2015
    Frome, UK
    My Mac Mail has been doing similarly weird things since El Capitan - tiresome - will let you know if I stumble across a solution. Good luck!

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