OS X Mavericks Adoption Pushing Toward 50%

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    Just five months after its release, OS X Mavericks is seeing adoption rates in the range of 40 percent to almost 50 percent depending on the tracking source. The significant growth in Mavericks users demonstrates the benefits of Apple's move to drop the price of its latest OS X update to zero in an effort to encourage users to upgrade.

    Analytics firm Chitika is out with a new report today showing Mavericks usage at 40 percent of page impressions in the United States and Canada over the week of March 17-23. Apple's three previous operating system versions split almost all of the remaining 60 percent of the Mac user base nearly evenly.

    The report notes that while Mavericks is seeing strong upgrade rates relatively to previous versions of OS X, Mac adoption rates are much slower than seen for iOS, where 85 percent of devices are now running iOS 7. This disparity is likely due to a number of factors, including longer lifespans for Macs that may leave a higher percentage of machines ineligible for the latest OS version, as well as a more varied user base than may not be as tech savvy as mobile users and thus less likely to upgrade.

    Chitika is not the only analytics company tracking OS X usage, as GoSquared continues to maintain its tracker offering a real-time look at the distribution of OS X versions appearing on its network of sites. GoSquared is seeing an even higher rate of adoption for Mavericks of around 48 percent, with a similar even split of the three previous versions all around 15-16 percent.

    Net Applications is yet another analytics firm with a significant user base to measure data from, and that firm saw Mavericks with a 45 percent share of the OS X base in its February data.

    Article Link: OS X Mavericks Adoption Pushing Toward 50%
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    Compare with iOS 7 adoption rate, this is low. But if you compare with Windows 8 adoption rate, this is high... Σ(●゚д゚●)
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    I guess some machines out there are not compatible.
    I also know my brother is having issues with his Macs (somewhat older but still could install Mavericks) but he is in the works to buy a new computer and figures he'd be better off transferring stuff as is than to try and upgrade now.

    but seems somewhat lower. Then again, at work they told us to wait a while to ensure things would be smooth.
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    They are missing that huge portion of loyal G3 and G4 users that are using Jaguar and Panther!! Come on!! There are billions of them out there!!

    Some people still like to be able to dual-boot Classic, you know?
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    I wonder why the Lion and Mountain Lion users didn't upgrade? The Snow Leopard group is understandable.
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    I'm guessing that a lot of people simply won't upgrade OS X until getting a new computer. It's surprisingly common with other people I know who have Macs. Between that and lack of support for older hardware, I'm guessing that the "percentage" spread will become less so over time. We'll know this for sure in the course of the next few years I'd imagine.
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    I'll probably upgrade soon. I refuse to be a beta tester when it's first released :D.
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    There are some people who aren't that tech savvy. My Dad for instance, has never opened the mac app store or iPhoto, and uses his mac mini for email and Microsoft Office.

    I'd encourage him to upgrade to Mavericks (as it's free, and more secure) but I'm scared it'll break his version of Office. Upgrading to Lion stopped Office from working on my girlfriends MacBook Pro.
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    Many Snow Leopard users did not upgrade, because they still need the ability to run PowerPC native applications on their Mac. This ability was taken away in Lion, and Mountain Lion as well as Mavericks do not allow it either. To run a PowerPC native app, you must have 10.6.8 or earlier.

    A prime example of this is AppleWorks. It will not run on Lion or later, since Rosetta support has been pulled from the OS.
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    Why is the 1% OS X Other slightly bigger than Tiger?

    I still run Panther on my iMac G3. :eek: Mac OS 9 on my iBook.

    But my G4 and G5s are on Leopard.

    Those are not bad numbers though, I thought Snow Leopard would still be higher. I personally hated using Lion every single day, so was extremely happy when Mountain Lion finally shipped.
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    Great for developers

    Apple has seen the benefits of quick adoption of upgrades on the iPhone. It makes it easy for developers to decide to write code only for the newest OS. It allows them to incorporate the latest features of the OS in their apps. When these new apps require the latest OS, it drives the users who haven't updated to update their phones. It's a great cycle to push the technology forward.

    Imagine if Mac owners were at 80% adoption of the newest MacOS only a few months after it's released. Developers could concentrate on the newest OS and not have to worry about backward compatibility.

    Contrast this with Windows. We still have people in the building who use XP because it's their favorite! Imagine all the coding and dumbing-down that's done to Windows software to make it backward compatible with multiple old versions spanning over a decade.
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    I am on SL on a late 2009 iMac and have not upgraded for a couple of reasons:
    1) Not sure there is really more functionality that I will get much use of

    2) I do not want to risk the performance hit (if any) because I love the way my computer runs as it is right now. I have a lot of complaints about the iOS upgrades and would not want to risk having similar issues on my computer

    3) While the upgrade to Mavericks is free, it would require me to pay to upgrade other programs that require it (Parallels, etc) this it would cost me money just to check it out
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    I know people who have reasons to stay on Snow Leopard and also Mountain Lion.

    But who are all these sorry folks still using Lion? I'm surprised it's hanging on in numbers equal to Snow Leopard.
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    I really dont like this diagram, at all. It reminds me of Android's statistics... :eek:
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    I upgraded a late 2007 MBP. Pretty much any solid 64-bit Core-2 Duo can be upgraded. But, of course, no more Rosetta.

    People hanging on to older software. A lot of software in 2007-2009 was still PPC-based.

    The upgrade makes sense if you can upgrade your software, too. The PPC versions of Office, Photoshop, etc., won't work. I can understand some people not wanting to buy all new software.
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    "OS X Mavericks Adoption Pushing Toward 50%"

    "X Mavericks Users Generate 40% of Mac Web Traffic Five Months Post-Release"

    These are very, very different statements.

    There are tens of millions of Macs out there running early OS X and pre OS X systems, which are switched on half an hour each evening to read a few emails and perhaps some light surfing.
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    Graphs of desktop/laptop OSes shouldn't be reminding you of ANY phone/tablet OS. The differences are too great to even list.
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    Florida, U.S.A.

    Yet another boring post. I miss the days when every post contained exciting news...
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    There hasn't been any exciting news out of Apple camp since the iPad air's announcement.

    Since then it's all been analyst speculations and business data.

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