Paid iBookstore Content Going Live in New Zealand and 17 Latin American Countries

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    Exactly. In many countries, the only books available through the iBookstore are public domain titles, primarily books that are decades old and out of copyright. The fact that current books are now being made available in some of these non-US iBookstores is what this "paid content" news is all about.
  2. AshDav, Oct 22, 2012
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    Checking iTunes Connect, there are an extra 18 countries now available for authors to sell their books in.

    The new countries aren't selected by default. Authors need to go through and apply all the new countries for their books. Currency for most Latin America countries is set to USD.

    Titles aren't available for sale immediately. Their status is 'Not on sale' and says we need to contact iBooks Support for contract reasons - I assume during the keynote someone will press a button and the books will go live.

    This is great news for authors though. iBooks now span 50 countries, a great improvement than the previous 32!
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    In Mexico I already can buy books. I'm really happy.
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    got to love those publishers.
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    Shame the prices are mostly a couple of dollars more than on amazon for the kindle app.
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    We don't know yet what's going to be in it, so whether it's overpriced remains to be seen. However, something tells me this 'puppy' is going to sell Big Time! Also see Rocketman's take on it. It might very well catch on educationally, in a big way, depending on how quickly they can get educational textbooks in the iBooks store. I would expect a major push in that direction to accompany the "Mini's" release.

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    I was talking about the new Zealand bookstore which up until yesterday didn't have paid content. And the free books are not like the free apps. They are not worth downloading.
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    Because the image above is WRONG, as it refers to Latino/hispanic countries' books - Brazil does NOT speak Spanish; only a few less-than-enlightened US citizens still think so.

    Here is the correct image of the Brazilian iBookstore:


    @Arn: PLEASE correct the picture on the main page.
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    The car business does the same thing. When I first went to look at hybrids, they were on allocation and were being sold for $5k over sticker.

    Actually Apple products in grey markets are also sold at a premium.

    I don't know of manufacturers that do that as a policy, but some products are released at a slightly higher retail, then when the channel has been filled and a run rate has been established, a second less pricey model is released. That actually closely approximates the iPad and iPad Mini experience.

    I think it will just be called iPad. No mini. You know its mini because you know what size YOU bought, what memory capacity and what wireless scheme.

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    Hopefully I'll be able to buy Brazilian books from the Canadian store...

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