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May 7, 2001
I also hope this works with the keyspand serial/usb converter. I would hate to buy a handspring to replace my little old m100 just to get the usb functionality

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Mar 25, 2002
Keyspan Adapter

It works. Just make sure you download the latest driver updated 2/25 from Keyspan's website.


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Mar 26, 2002
Los Angeles
Sony Clie 615

I have a sony clie 615c and its been working straight out of the box, no BS missing link.

It works on Palm Desktop OS9 and OSX. Including Beta and new 4.0 release.

The only problem with 0SX, is that there is no Vindigo or AvantGo software for OSX.


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Feb 8, 2002
Quick question. I don't have a handheld yet, and wasn't sure what would work with OSX. It it only Palm OS devices, or do any of the (sorry to ask) windoze ce devices work?


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Sep 18, 2001
Denver, CO
Here's the deal with the CLIE...

I did some research on this when I saw PD4 had finally been released, because I'm considering getting a CLIE.

If you're using a Mac with IRDA support (e.g. a TiBook) you can sync any CLIE over the IR port without any additional software.

If you don't have IR support, then any CLIE with PalmOS 4.0 or later will sync with no additional software needed. You only need The Missing Sync if you're using a CLIE with PalmOS earlier than 4.0.

The only thing TMS provides you that Palm Desktop won't is the ability to mount the CLIE's Memory Stick on the desktop, which can be achieved just as well using a USB or PC Card Memory Stick drive. I'm using Sony's PC Card reader right now in conjunction with my Sony digital camera, and it works like a charm in OS X. In fact, one cool feature is that if I put in a Memory Stick that I've used to take pictures, iPhoto launches and recognizes the Memory Stick just like if I'd plugged the camera into the USB port. Which means I don't have to worry about carrying the transfer cable around, or using my camera's (annoyingly short) battery life to transfer pictures.


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Re: Palm sync for Entourage?

Originally posted by McFreggle
Are there plans to release an update for Entourage v.X to make it possible to sync Entourage with your Palm or Handspring handheld?
Micro$oft told me that it would be released on their website after palm released the os x version... so any day now is the word, but more likely withing the next month or two.



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Jul 25, 2001
thank you palm

Many said it w/c-ould not be done. It works fine, no problems so far. Finally I have all my daily software OSX native.

Thanks Palm! Now lets hope M$ comes with the Entourage link.


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Mar 22, 2002
The Palm site said "Palm branded " handheld, for system requirement.

Here comes a dumb question ---

I recently bought my first handheld : Visor Prism.

It is Palm OS , of course. But it is not "Palm branded".

Can I install this new OS X desktop inmy FP iMac

and synch my Visor just like

any other handheld ?



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