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Apr 12, 2001

Pennsylvania resident Samuel Lit has hit Apple with a lawsuit claiming that the company infringed on his patent for web carousels, according to documents filed in the Northern Illinois District Court (via AppleInsider). Apple's website typically features a homepage with a carousel containing four to five windows displaying its products.


Lit owns U.S. Patent No. 8,793,330, which is a "system and method for displaying graphics, art, text, animation, video and other content." It's described as a "three-dimensional 'Display Carousel' system" that can cycle through its windows in a rotating manner that makes it look like a carousel at a predetermined speed.

The lawsuit claims that Apple's website, which also has a system that cycles through windows in a rotating manner at a predetermined speed, infringes some or all of the 20 claims of the patent. Some of Apple's infringements on Claim 16 include having a "system for displaying content," a "display carousel embedded" into the website, a display engine to deliver the carousel content when its on a web browser, and a database to track how many customers purchase things linked from the carousel.

Lit is seeking "reasonable" royalties with interest. While Lit is a radio broadcaster, he used to work with software systems and engines for Hy Lit Radio Technologies, which was named after his father Hy Lit, another radio broadcaster. He previously attempted to monetize his patent via a website called but the site shut down in December.

Article Link: Pennsylvania Man Sues Apple Over Web Carousel Use
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Sep 13, 2014
Philadelphia, PA USA
I used "Display Carousels" on old web sites I used to create / maintain way back in 2000, 2001...but they were Flash. I removed one of them - eventually all flash from the sites after iPhones would never put flash on the Safari browsers.

Hmm, darn you Apple. I should sue for making me do this! :confused:
*just kidding.

Flash is evil and this lawsuit is a total joke! This guy is actually the son of a legend in local radio.
Hy Lit was pretty big back in the day in Philly radio.

The lawsuit
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Oct 9, 2010
Has he named the marquee HTML tag in the lawsuit.
[doublepost=1467940394][/doublepost]I was expecting him to say "it spun too fast and made me dizzy."
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