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Feb 20, 2017
what are the best perks of having an macbook pro and iphone apple watch and tv ?
the only thing i know if that i can facetime from my mac and send text message and anything else i can do?


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Oct 9, 2008
Continuity to answer phone, text, FaceTime between your Apple devices
Apple Watch able to unlock the 2016 MbP with fingerprint sensor
Much easier to keep your contacts/calendars/bookmarks synchronized.

Easy to setup a movie collection via iTunes and stream it to any other Apple device.

being able to hand off word documents/web pages/etc between devices at will

Mostly it's just the whole continuity experience, as it makes it a VERY consistent and familiar feel across devices. Phone in the other room? You can answer the call straight from your Mac, your watch. . . . texting on the watch [scribble mode and voice translation] work VERY well when you're lounging in a giant bean bag chair [SUMO] enjoying the weather half asleep and someone decides to want to have a conversation with you when everything else is on your desk.

Little things like that :)
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May 3, 2009
what are the best perks of having an macbook pro and iphone apple watch and tv ?
the only thing i know if that i can facetime from my mac and send text message and anything else i can do?
Each platform (windows/OS X) as its own advantages and disadvantages.

For me, the advantages of OS X is the fact that I have a user experience that makes life easier, including the use of facetime, and messages. I love the fact that I can easily message people from my computer or face time them.

I find it easier to backup and restore, whether we're talking TimeMachine or Carbon Copy Cloner.


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Oct 14, 2008
Few points from the top of my head:

- One of the most user-friendly incremental backup solutions on the market built-in
- Copy-paste and switch work between devices seamlessly
- Ergonomic and well-designed software with a unique "feel" (Apple's Human Interface Guidelines)
- Messaging/video calls/calling/texting from laptop
- Instant hotspot from phone to laptop
- Seamless photo synchronisation without having to store the photos on the cloud
- Good recovery options (reinstall without install media)
- Excellent automation support
- Unix!
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Oct 14, 2008
That's a cool gee-whiz sort of feature but I do wonder if only a handful of people use it

It has some very nice potential tbh. For instance when I want to transfer a long link from my iPhone/iPad to my mac to work with it more comfortably. Or copying text with apps that either can''t use continuity or don't have OS X counterparts (I often do it with sending people links via WhatsApp on my phone). Or (and this is a really cool one) — copy an image on a Mac and then paste it on the phone etc. etc. It was also a surprise to discover that it also works between different macs! I used it extensively when benchmarking two computers :)
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Jul 14, 2015
+1 to everyone else's remarks;

I liked the Mac's window management a LOT better than Win10 or Ubuntu (my work laptops). On Mac, Cmd-Tab switches between apps, and Cmd-` switches between an app's open windows. On the others, Alt-Tab switches between all open windows of all apps, which gets out of hand when I've got a half-dozen apps open (and IE puts each tab into the app switcher while Chrome shows only each window; inconsistent, but I prefer Chrome's behavior when I've got a dozen tabs in a Chrome window). I regularly use the gestures available on the Mac's big trackpad, too.

MS Paint SUCKS. Goddammit. macOS's Preview seems like Adobe Creative Suite by comparison. Dumb little things, like being able to draw a double-ended arrow, simply do not exist in MS Paint. I know, I know -- proper drawing software exists for Windows, but I can't install any of it due to work security restrictions. But my point is: why doesn't MS care about how terrible Paint is? With Preview on macOS, I can select, copy, paste, drag, resize, then move on to something else; and if I change my mind later, I can click on an element and move it around again. I can't find a way to do this in MS Paint.

I've gotta try more Handoff tricks. leman described things I didn't know were possible.
[doublepost=1487688295][/doublepost]- Being able to just close your laptop and put it in a bag, then when you pull it out again four days later, it still has plenty of battery remaining. Not even the "Suspend" setting on my Linux laptop can accomplish this for a span of one day.

- If you want to, you can do all kinds of cool UNIX-y things with it... but you don't HAVE to. The Mac's got the geek potential of a Linux box without the steep geek-oriented learning curve.

I'm trying to get focused on the perks of the Mac itself without comparing it to other machines, but it's really difficult these days since I'm now using three OSes (two more than a year ago). But, now, every time I come home to my MB Pro, I like it more and more.
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Daniel Santos

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Nov 1, 2012
I bought my first MBP in 2008. It was a 17". Worked perfectly for me until I replaced it last year around summer time. Gave it to a youngster after cleaning, and he's totally happy with it while running yosemite.

Point is, from my experience, apple makes very durable machines, and I expect my current machine to last for at least 6 years, although it is non user serviceable. The only downside may be the support for operating systems, but then again, my old MBP supported Yosemite (and don't know if ElCapitan would be also)


Feb 17, 2012
One point that forgot to be mentioned here, if you have the Mac or any Apple Device you are considered Uber class ;)

The Mercurian

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Mar 17, 2012
There is one major reason I have changed my mind about getting a Dell XPS to waiting to see what the next MBP looks like/costs.
Stupid obligatroy windows updates. Yes, yes, yes I know I can get the pro edition of windows and turn them off. But why should one have to pay extra not to have this "feature" ?


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Feb 22, 2017
My favorites.....
- the light thinner wallet
- look way cooler at the coffee shop (Windows machines just don't cut it there)

More seriously its the subtle things..
- continuity if you have Apple Watch, TV, iPhone
- when you get in the groove with gestures & keyboard shortcuts, its really fast to navigate around the OS - mission control, etc.
- generally more stable, less restarts needed, instant on and right to work when you take it out of clamshell mode
- good battery life
- longevity (my 2011 still seems like its brand new)


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May 3, 2009
Yep having to confirm email addresses on my phone when sending with the Surfacebook. I am lucking I do not email that much from my Surfacebook.
I'm sure there's a way, maybe use outlook on my Mac and PCs but I just haven't had the time or energy.
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