Photo of the Day : January 2011


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Sep 30, 2007
NSW, Australia.
It is January 2011 on the International Dateline.
Happy New Year!

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Right about now Sydney harbour will be full of boats watching the new years fireworks.

1/800s - f/8.0 - ISO200 - 75mm
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Dec 13, 2010
Blackbird - AMG Nr. 1000 sold in Australia

Drool! AMG Nr. 1000 to be sold in Australia. A one-off SLS-AMG from AMG Performance Studio dubbed "Blackbird". Just out of picture to the right is another one off AMG dubbed "Jaffa", a searing orange and black C63 AMG with upgraded engine, brakes, better tyres, suspension, etc!


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May 28, 2010
Topeka, Kansas
First event/holiday with my brand new only a day old Canon 60D :) I love it so far heres one of the best shots I took from the entire guitar drop at the New Years bash on Friday Night in Nashville, TN.



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Nov 2, 2007
SF Bay Area
For all you bike racing fans. This guy had just won a cash prize for leading a lap, hence the expression on his face. I also used this photo to do a little learning on Lightroom's adjustment brush to bring his face up out of shadow a bit.

The image contains EXIF information but does not reveal that I used a 1.4X TC with my 300/2.8 for this photo.


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Aug 10, 2003
The Hill
Right outside Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico.

First thought on seeing this picture, "WOW". Love the colors and the scenery. My guess, HDR. If so, it's a great use of that technique. A little bit biased on this photo subject as I deal with trains and boxes daily. Hmmmm, looks like a Schneider box back there ;). Cheers and Happy New Year to all!


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Apr 22, 2003
It's two different threads...
But in general it is frowned upon to post the same image in two different threads. We all saw this image in the December thread. It either worked or didn't work for those that viewed it. Reposting the same image in this thread is redundant. If you are hoping to get feedback that you didn't receive in the previous thread, then I would suggest starting a new thread asking for specific comments on this particular image. I actually like it. While the subject is clichéd, I enjoy shots like this on some level. A generic macro is more likely to bring a smile to my face than a generic landscape. But there are so many other factors that influence my reaction to a given image that I hesitate to make generalities. I wouldn't hang your image on my wall, largely because I would just do it myself if I felt the need for this particular subject in a print. Nothing against how you handled it, just something that I could do myself and would appreciate more knowing that it was mine and not someone else's.

If you want comments and critiques on a particular image then create a thread to that effect. The POTD thread is largely a place to post your current recent faves that you have taken (or possibly dip into older images that haven't been posted before). Running themes are fine, but repostings of the same image aren't really appropriate. You posted your image in the December thread. There it lives. Not really kosher to double-dip into January with the same image.


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Feb 24, 2008
Over there------->
We all saw this image in the December thread. It either worked or didn't work for those that viewed it. Reposting the same image in this thread is redundant.
I would have to agree. Think of the PotD thread as one ongoing narrative that just happens to break down into monthly 'chapters'. Whatever happened in December should stay in December...
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