Universal "Photosets" 4:3HD Action Photography app is now FREE for the 1st Time Ever !

Will 4:3HD-8-20 and 4:3HD-12-20 become "mainstream" Action Photography options in 2016 ?

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Apr 20, 2016
La Jolla, CA
Update for 7:30 PM (La Jolla, CA-time) Monday, July 22nd

FYI, as you probably know, iOS 12.4 was Released earlier today.

As such, now is a good time for us to test whether the A11/A12 Performance Controller "Hardware Bug" that we first discovered on October 27th of last year is still Alive & Kicking.

We'll Post our Results when we've completed our testing.
On a completely different subject, we want to point out that NONE of the App Store "keywords" for Photosets will now trigger a "suggestion" in search for Photosets.

This has been going on since the Release of v5.53, on July 18th.

And we think we know why.

We believe Apple has been trying for years to leapfrog Photosets.

v5.53 added a novel Burst Photo Set "Sharing" capability, that SIGNIFICANTLY raised the bar !

They (apparently) didn't like that !

Anyway, feel free to verify for yourself.

Keywords for v5.53 :

photosets, burst, cam, chat, app,
burst cam, burst chat, burst app, cam app, chat app,
photos, photose, photoset
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