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Apr 12, 2001
A user writes: According to my source the development of PhotoShop 6.5 is advancing rapidly and a beta is planned to be seeded in the coming months. Photoshop 6.5 has many new enhancements added, among these are, a brand new antialiasing engine that utilizes the quartz engine in OS X, live transformation previews, and a new text tool that lets you wrap text around shapes. One of the best things stated about Photoshop 6.5 is itís speed. With OS X\'s speed enhancements since the release of 10.1 Photoshop 6.5 is outstanding. According to my source Photoshop 6.5 will ship with Imageready 3.5 but he declined to discuss anything on that subject.

Image: Screenshot of Photoshop under X

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Hes Nikke

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Apr 16, 2001
Drop shadows == bad!

the drop shadows in photoshop X will be a BAD thing! if you have a floating pallet neer your image, yout image will be darkeded and confuse the artist!!



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May 9, 2001
So so

It look ok, the interface is fine, but I hate OSX any way. I hope there is a clasic version too.


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At last!

At last... without Photoshop, OS X would never had become default... But that wait is over now!

I agree, the drop shadows would not work well for Photoshop,
but all I really care about right now is that there actually is a OS X Photoshop!


IR Mongoose


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Jun 13, 2001
Atlanta, GA

mymemory -

Yeah... I'm hating OS X too. That uptime is just ruining my excuses for not getting work done, and increased speed from applications like Lightwghtwave 7.0b make me have to tell clients their jobs will be ready sooner than expected - I really hate that! Also, Office v. X is just too great an application, I mean, what does Microsoft do now?

In all seriousness, you may not like OS X's GUI, or it's appetite for memory and mhz, but it is THE mac OS now. Learn it, live it, love it - or stick with OS 9.

And yes, Photoshop 6.5 will run just fine on OS 9


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Jul 10, 2001
Some say the move from Apple II to Mac was a bad idea.

Others say we should have stuck with steam and that electricity was a bad move

Still more say we should never have left the trees.

I've even heard folks say that evolving from mono-cellular organisms was a bad move.


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Jan 2, 2001
Metairie, LA
now that's cool

That seems to have a nice interface. I like it. It's still a bit weird seeing programs under that interface since we've been seeing them in the "Classic" look for years now!


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Oct 17, 2001
Photoshop X

Apple should REALLY kick out the drop shadows on active windows of the same application.

Don't forget to submit requests like this directly to Apple:

In my eyes MacOS X is far away from being as user friendly as MacOS 9.x but it could be, so let Apple know what features/improvments you would like to see...



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Oct 25, 2001

Apple's probably tired of hearing my weekly OS X tirades... er, I mean feedback.

But so long as they keep putting my requests into their updates, I guess I'll keep sending it.

Let's face it folks, for as much as we complain about what Apple's changed with OS X, I've *never* seen Apple listen to their customers so much. When was the last time you saw a "feedback" link for a piece of Apple software?


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Jul 10, 2001

It's really down to the developer to decide how windows cast shadows on each other - Apple provides developers with a means to do this. If you want to see a good example of this, take a look at how the button bar and inspector work in Office v.X. Nice.

When windows cast ugly shadows over each othe, (Freehand is the worst culprit here) it's evidence of a quick and dirty carbonisation, and does not indicate anthing at fault with Apple's beautiful new GUI.


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Oct 27, 2001

Okay, for MAC OS X to be a default OS...I need Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop,, that would be so cool! I don't have switch back and fore...yeah, Final Cut Pro 3 looks Great! I can't wait til I get my hand on it!

OS X will be the best OS for personal computer


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Apr 9, 2001

Originally posted by belgar
Shouldn't that read ""

Actually, it was posted prior to ThinkSecret's post... so the same user likely submitted to both sites.


Hes Nikke

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Apr 16, 2001
Re: Think Sectet

Originally posted by arn
Originally posted by belgar
Shouldn't that read ""
Actually, it was posted prior to ThinkSecret's post... so the same user likely submitted to both sites.

its also posible that TS just "barrowed" from MacRumors :p


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Nov 29, 2001
Yokohama Japan
I need some more

Finaly Photoshop for OSX. But I need some more apps. Premier and After effects. If these come out, I'll start using OSX.


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Dec 6, 2001
Photoshop... at last

I love the OS X version of the Adobe applications. There is no big icons in toolbar, only nice looking grayscale icon on light gradient.

There is only two things that bothers me; the use of Aliased and Anti-aliased font and the grayed out tab in palette.

I was looking forward to using Photoshop and Golive since i’ve switch to OS X full time 4 months ago, it looks like i wont have to wait much longer.

Concerning Premier and After effects, After effects 5.5 is out and it runs on OS X as for Premiere, you can count 18 months from the last version and it should be when the new version comes out. An Adobe software specialist told me that about the timeframe for new version.


Re: Re:

Originally posted by arn
Originally posted by belgar
Shouldn't that read ""

Actually, it was posted prior to ThinkSecret's post... so the same user likely submitted to both sites.


I saw this on also. The insider probebly just sent it to all the sites.

I am so glad to see Adobe is hard at work on PhotoShop X!!! I can not wait to download the beta. I love the new tool palet icons but I hate the Photoshop icon in the dock! Dosen't Adobe have some good graphic desiners??


Jul 9, 2000
the good graphic designers use adobe products and do not necessarily work for adobe (note the difference)

adobe photoshop is made by programmers much the way microsoft excel is and one doesn't have to be an accountant to develop the next excel, but that software development person needs to be a programmer

i was once interested in becoming a graphic designer and also maybe working for adobe because i liked their products but they need everyone but graphic designers

i also inquired into working for apple and they need engineers, technicians, accouuntants, salespeople, marketing people, and various clerical people, etc and there seemed to be no spot on their wanted list for mac fanatics/users

i did work at autodesk and i never met one person there who used the program autocad and when i told my architect friend i worked there, he was totally impressed since his firm used the product every day but from what i could see, there were no positions at autodesk for architects...he kept on asking me what does it look like inside, what is it like working there...and i told him the truth, we are just a bunch of guys and gals who develop the software in cubicles, make the disks in a pink room the size of your bedroom, package the stuff in an ugly warehouse, put them in cardboard boxes, and ship it it fed ex and ups...and yes, it's very boring and we talk about everything under the sun except for architecture...he had some idealized view of autodesk the way some graphic designers have of adobe or mac users have of apple

for those of you who think the tech field is fun, i recently read that only air traffic controllers have a higher burnout rate...and if you are into techie stuff as a hobby, don't do it as your work because i guarantee this one thing, it will no longer be your hobby one year into the mentor who was an apple tech for ten years told me if you become a tech, drop it as a hobby if you plan to last and take up my case, i took up this forum, guitar playing, and visiting my animal friends at the farm nearby

you know, this looks to be a good thread i should start for techies on this forum!

Hes Nikke

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Apr 16, 2001
no shadows is worse!

ok so yesterday i won a copy of painter 7 :)D) and the good people a Corell killed the drop shadows on their pallets (they knew what i was thinking - those darn Canadians:) )

all i can say is "Ahhh!"
the lack of drop shadows in Painters pallets is even worse! you cant tell where one window ends and the next begins! ahhh!

now that i have used a shadow free pallet interfase i think i'll have to say "i'll take the shadows in PSX" :) (and no i don't mean Playstation ;))



I started a few threads on the drop shadow thing when I saw the beta of Illustrator on some other sites. I hate it. Not 'dropshadows' but 'dropshadows on utility / palette windows that cast onto an adjoining palette window'. It's ugly, it's annoying and it's distracting.

Apple could code the utility windows to cast shadows under neath a touching window, as well as, Adobe could hard code it in. It's the one blemish on X that I think is truely important.

I've submitted my 'utility window shadowing' with apple/feedback and suggest everyone that is bothered by it do the same.
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