Picture-in-Picture (PiP) on iPhone


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Feb 26, 2011
That’s not true I used to use picture in picture with my Samsung galaxy s6. I could Skype with my girlfriend long distance and watch a movie with her in the background. Or I could let a movie keep playing during a boring part and respond to text or read an article and let the movie keep playing. It’s very frustrating they don’t allow us the option to use picture in picture if it’s too small real estate for you that’s fine but for me there’s plenty of real estate especially on the iPhone XS max which is plenty big to put a small 1” x 1” size picture in picture or a picture in picture that I could make bigger or smaller just like I can on the iPad.
I completely agree in terms of PIP on the XS Max. At the time of my post that you replied to, the XS Max hadn't been announced yet.
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Jan 31, 2003
Been wanting PIP for the longest time ever. Really hope that Apple will add true multitasking support to iPhone as they will in iOS 13 for iPads.

Aik Stok

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Jan 18, 2020
PiP framework code actually already in Iphone's OS, but not activated for some reason. If you using jailbreak you're eligible to use this feature. And must to say, it works beautiful. You also able to use Youtube in background even when your phone's screen turned off. Now (Jan 2020) is a really good time to do JB. It is available on latest FW. Just don't confuse it with BJ. Ok?😂
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