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Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by THX1139, Jan 19, 2008.

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    I've noticed that the search function on MacRumors sucks. Often, when doing a search, I get no results even though I'm sure there are posts that contain my search parameters. For example, I just did a a search for "Accelero X2" and got zero results. I know for a fact that there has been several threads discussing upgrading the X1900 to the Accelero X2 but the search isn't finding anything.

    If your search function doesn't work, it's no wonder so many people start new discussions on the same subject. If they can't find discussions, then what choice do they have?

    As a work around, I've found that searching in Google gets better results. I just add "MacRumors" to my search and Google seems to do a better job of finding what I'm looking for.
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    It's not really a problem with MacRumors. It's more of a problem with the forum software, vBulletin. Their the ones you want to complain to.
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    I get search results

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    anyway to make that the default search in terms of giving search results?
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    Forum Search on MR Home Page

    I was going to make a new thread for this suggestion, but it might as well go here:

    How about a forum search on the MacRumours home page?

    "Search Site" is a little misleading, as this site is predominantly a forum site. At the moment, the search on the front page clearly does not go into the forums. If a newbie comes here, runs a search on the front page for something, they get nothing. They probably then go into the forums, fail to notice the word "Site" after the word "Search" has changed to "Forums", and post a question that has been answered a thousand times before.

    I think the home page search function should either actually search the whole site, or we should have two search options, one for rumours, the other for the forums.

    PS. You didn't run a search from the front page, did you THX1139???
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    That's a very good point. I remember making that mistake as a newbie. :eek:

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