Possible to use an iPhone without service?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by sunsnewmac, Dec 19, 2008.

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    Just curious, I am buying a Tom Tom navigator and a friend said why not just use an iPhone? I said I don't want an iPhone because the service plans are $150/month. But then I got to thinking, if the iPhone is GPS-enabled, can I use it as a stand-alone gadget for other functions that don't require internet/phone service (such as MP3s, GPS, note taking)--until I can afford to spend that much on service?
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    GPS won't work as you require internet to stream in your maps from Google; however, if you are blessed by Wi-Fi, then it will work.

    But to answer your original questions. Yes, you can use your iPhone as an iPod Touch. Just hacktivate it.
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    the iphones current gps offering has absolutely NOTHING on a tom tom navigator or any other gps system on other smart phones. its not voice enabled, does not do rerouting, etc etc.

    and you still need a data plan to use gps on the iphone anyway since it utilizes google maps which is not pre-stored on the iphone. there are some alternative methods available for jailbroken iphones but they're hardly much of a solution either.

    if you really want to spend ~500$ for a device that you don't even plan on using for voice or data, you might as well get an ipod touch. but since you want gps, then going the iphone route would be a terrible idea.
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    I have to concur with everyone else in this thread. In theory it sounds like a decent idea, but in practice I think you are much better off with a dedicated GPS unit. Even a less expensive dedicated GPS unit would probably be a much better choice for you than going with the iPhone. The iPhone currently doesn't really offer turn by turn directions, and that's the real deal killer for me (not to mention rerouting etc). My 3G iPhone is a great device and it's useful for a lot of things, but the current GPS implementation is really good only for location aware applications and perhaps as an emergency GPS device.
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