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Jan 10, 2023
Beige G3(G4 upgrade) OldWorld Mac with 768MB, Radeon Mac Edition, and EIDE -133 card.


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Feb 9, 2023
I install Windows 11 to Paralles, but some app raise dialog "app not run on virtual machine" so I quit.


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Nov 1, 2022

This is Devuan's default look with XFCE. I installed it on a USB 2.0 flash stick like you normally install it on an SSD/eMMC/HDD, I mean it's a permanent install and not a 'live' desktop. It's really nice that the system boots up completely in 28 seconds from a very slow USB 2.0 interface which is (very) limited in terms of IOPS and read/write performance. In the browser, performance is usually the same as with SSDs because most things are loaded into RAM.

Devuan is a system that focuses on stability, so you have old software. Firefox and Chromium perform much lower than in FreeBSD mainly because the software versions in FreeBSD are much more recent, but FreeBSD is probably still slightly faster even with the same software versions. Eg the Chromium version of Devuan performs lower in Speedometer than Chromium on FreeBSD. This problem is easily solved by eg installing Brave on Devuan which performs largely similar to Brave on FreeBSD via the LInux emulation layer (or Clear Linux). So all in all, Devuan is one of the best Linux systems you can install on old USB 2.0 sticks. When I remove the USB 2.0 stick from my PC, FreeBSD just boots up. This is handy because configuring dual-boot with FreeBSD is not always easy.

There are many people who say that the installation is a challenge:
The installation process is confusing and intimidating. Moreover, it is one of the most confusing installation process I've ever seen. I say this with over 15 years experience working with Linux and trying at least a dozen distros including Arch, Debian, Ubuntu and hybrids. Recommend the development team revisit the installation process while keeping in mind a user might be a beginner or intermediate level user. It is my opinion the current installation process is definitely not for a beginner. It might be fine for someone who does not have any operating system installed on their computer but otherwise I recommend a non-advanced user to avoid.

I had no problem installing it, everything worked perfectly after the first install attempt. But I've actually never had any problems installing and configuring DragonFly BSD, NetBSD, and other systems. I would say the difficulty of the installation is exaggerated. Once installed it is as easy as using Debian.


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Aug 29, 2021
San Diego, California
This isn't gonna be a permanent thing, just a stopgap. I'm not as fond of Fedora now as I used to be, with it needing constant attention and finding firsthand some bugs that have gone unpatched since they were first reported 10 years ago, and certainly not as fond of amd64. But it works for me for now.​
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