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Polly Mercocet

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Aug 17, 2020

People should post what their speed cost

£45 a month for 2TB VDSL. Officially my area should get "up to" 80Mbps so I'm happy, that's basically what I get. I'm not forced to pay for a landline I don't use either.

Love my ISP, you ring them up and an actual engineer answers the phone, no one following a script from India which is what you get dealing directly with BT. They even joke that they are "shibboleet compliant" and refuse to censor or log anything like all major ISPs do. And they already support IPv6 for no extra charge.

I could start my own ISP but it would honestly be no different to the one I'm already using ?


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Oct 14, 2013
Finally had to switch from DSL16 to DSL50 because the provider is changing some hardware and doesn't offer these lower speeds any more.
I've paid 25€ so far and now it is 35€ (with 5€ discount per month for the first year).


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Aug 15, 2014
Chartres, France
@maxsquared and @Antares23
How much are you paying monthly?
40€ per month
But there's another ISP that offer 5Gbits fiber option for 30€, I might switch to that in the near future.
They also just released the Freebox Ultra, a symmetrical 8Gbits up/8Gbits down, including TV, Prime, Netflix, Display+, Canal+, 10G switch port, 4 2.5Gbits Ethernet, and a NVMe slot on the router to use it as a NAS, and all that for 50 bucks a month, I'm kinda blown away at how they manage to get you that much stuff.
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Aug 16, 2007
Just checked mine. I'm supposed to have up to 1.5Gbps download. Not sure how many of you have such blazing fast download speeds. Maybe it's my 2015 MBP that is the issue.

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