Post Your Mac Setup: Past & Present (Part 20)


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May 30, 2002
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

doesn anyone have any recommendations of Sit/Stand desks for home use under $500CAN ? Even IKEA has limited selection and all over that price. I keep checking kijiji in my city for any corporate office listings yet nothing yet.

thus far I’ve seen stationary desks only.


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Jan 24, 2007
Yes, that looks like it would take some getting used, throwback to the first typing class in middle school or something. But I can see how it could alleviate pain. Which is the spacebar?
Hah! You’re not wrong I went from over 80wpm to about 10wpm 😐. In the 2 weeks I’ve had the keyboard, I’m back up to speed and getting quicker.

The keyboard is 100% programmable so it could be anywhere you want. For my layout, space is the outermost grey key on the right hand side, enter is the next grey key. On the right hand side, backspace is the outer grey key, and delete is the next one.
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Sep 24, 2009
San Jose, Seoul, Toronto

On my (Ikea Linnmon/Adils) desk currently: Blackmagic eGPU, generic laptop stand, 2016 13" MacBook Pro, LG Ultrafine 5K, Ikea Forsa lamp with Hue bulb, Hue Playbar, Sonos Play:5, generic Qi charger, Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad 2, Magic Mouse, Classicbot Classic! I use a reupholstered Giroflex G64 chair which is a lot more comfortable for longer work sessions than anything I've used in the past.

I guess it feels like not a lot has changed over the years, but only the Magic Mouse (I've used the same Magic Mouse since 2009) and corkboard remain.

could you please tell me which MacBook stand that is??
very nice
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Sep 3, 2016
505 USA
I love seeing all the photos but I'm constantly amazed at how clean and tidy everyone's homes/rooms are. My house is a mess (having two young children is the main factor!)
You should absolutely unleash the cyclonic disarray that children bring to any tidy computer setup. :D