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Chris Pink

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Aug 12, 2016
I have had a MacBook Pro 2016 for around 3 years, although the battery cycle count is 309 I am getting "Service Battery". I routinely use it with an external (portable USB-C) monitor, an external SSD and and external HDD and two bluetooth peripherals. It struggles to start up with the monitor plugged in, no matter what state of charge and will often shut down at 40% battery or a little less. I generally run the computer with the PSU plugged in but regularly run it alone and run the battery down.

So I've obviously abused the power system.

I am about to buy a 16" 2021 MacBook Pro so I need some advice.

Is there any way to power my peripherals externally to the Mac - a powered Thunderbolt or USB hub?
What is the best way to run a MacBook with this number of peripherals to give the best conditions for long battery life?


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Feb 20, 2009
Get a powered hub or thunderbolt dock.

I still would not leave the MBP plugged in -all- the time.
Once or twice a week, take it "off power" and let the battery go down to 40-45%, then re-connect to power.

At night, I'd pull the charger plug out of the wall outlet.
Do this whether you power down for the night or just let it sleep.

(these are the ways of "a troglodyte" [look at my avatar] -- but they've worked for me).
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