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battery capacity

  1. DD88

    Far too many conflicting opinions about MacBook Pro battery

    I was looking for the best ways to charge my Macbook Pro in order to preserve the battery life for as long as possible but there so many varying opinions on here and YouTube and Reddit users are exactly the same. Here is what I’ve read and discovered so far from other users, these are not my...
  2. Cyndaquil

    iPhone X Battery health significantly degraded at 100% iphone x

    Hello, hope you guys can be of help. I recently purchased an iphone x reburbished from a reliable source, it's out of guarantee I realized one day after 2 weeks i got it the battery said "service" and went check and battery capacity was at 100% anyway the day after it went to 96% then 92%. I...
  3. B

    Macbook Pro 2017 13" Draining Battery Plugged In With Brand New Battery

    My 2017 Macbook Pro 13" with Retina display was having battery issues where it would drain battery very fast not plugged in and even drained battery while it was plugged in. The battery was showing service recommended and I thought replacing the battery would solve the issue and I just got my...
  4. Jmgilliam18

    Improving Battery on 2019 MBP

    Got 13" 2019 MBP - my battery capacity is 82.% and 490 cycles. It's terrible. It maybe lasts 3 hours. Is there anything can do to boost it back, conditioning etc... Replacement?
  5. Ibara

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 12.9 2021 - Poor battery life

    I recently bought an iPad Pro 12.9 M1. Apart from being a little annoyed by the edge shadow, I was initially happy. However the battery life seems rather poor. As an example, browsing the web with both Safari or Brave will use 1% every few minutes. Sometimes even more. I found a Youtube video...
  6. L

    MacBook Pro 15" 2019 is Battery issues comes from using different less powerful power adaptor?

    So my story is... MacBook Pro 2019 15"... Laptop I bought from second hand when it was under warranty. Now warranty has already expired. Until recently I was using MacBook only connected to the power supply. Now my user scenarios has been changed and I started to use it without power adaptor...
  7. huzi

    MBP2020 13 inch with 92% full charge capacity after only 11 cycles

    I'm using a MBP 2020 13 inch for about five months and just noticed the full charge capacity has dropped to 92.5% while the cycle count is just 12. Is this normal? With this capacity I can only use it for about 5 hours without charging, which is much much shorter than that in my MBP 2015 (also a...
  8. J

    Replace battery on MacBook Pro

    I have a MacBook Pro 13-inch, mid 2010. I never changed my battery before on this computer and right now the "Condition" of the battery shows "Replace Now" with 1142 cycles. Without being plugged to a source of electricity it holds up for 30min +/- so it's time to change it. I was looking...
  9. J

    94% battery design capacity in a little more than a month of use (Macbook Pro 16")

    As title says, I'm experiencing a really terrible battery problem in my Macbook Pro. I received my device of the 5th of June with 98% design capacity. This capacity fluctuated between ~97% to ~99% in the first week of use. Fast forward a month and 5 days later, my laptop's design capacity has...
  10. randyleytan

    MacBook Pro "13, 2020, full battery capacity issues?

    Alright, I know what you're going to say: "Another post about battery issues". Yes. So I got my MacBook Pro around 3 weeks ago almost. Since then, I have varied when it comes to its use especially plugged in or not. At first, I charged it to 100% and unplugged it but then began to just use it...
  11. mikedop

    iPhone 7(+) Battery Degrading & Performance

    I’m interested in discussion on the iPhone’s battery degrading and how it affects performance. As it stands now, my iPhone 7+ battery is at 75% Maximum Capacity. I’d like to learn a little more as to what exactly this means, and how it might be affecting my device’s performance. I’ve noticed...
  12. khalitzy

    I'm pretty disappointed with the MBP 16" battery health situation.

    So many people -myself included- report that their 16" battery health is less than 100% out of the box. Now that'd be okay if it was 99 or even 98. But for most, it's 95% or even less. Now that's all fine and dandy, discharge and charge and let it calibrate, it'll be fine and report correct...
  13. Stuey3D

    iPhone 11 Odd battery behaviour, capacity increased again after large drop.

    I have a launch day iPhone 11 which iOS is reporting as only having 96% battery capacity. I was fuming at this as it had dropped to 96% after just 2 months whereas my iPhone XR was still on 100% after 9 months, my X before it was on 98% after a year, and my wife’s XR has only just dropped to...
  14. emnxs

    Battery capacity is at 94%

    My iPhone XS dropped by 6% after, roughly, 5 months. After looking on the internet for other's people's experiences, theirs dropped by 2% at most and I'm just wondering if a 6% drop is normal because I'm planning to keep my phone all throughout college and hopefully, even more than that. my...
  15. D

    XS Max has 99% of Battery health after 6 months of use

    Hello, Not sure if I am over worrying but my iPhone XS Max that I got in February has now fallen to 99% battery health. My friend’s XS Max, that we bought together, is still at 100% health, albeit, I use the phone heavier than him. What do you think.. am I over worrying? Will this loss of 1%...
  16. A

    iPhone X Fast charging iPhone X

    hello , I don’t know if this is the right place for this post, but I would like to ask you if the fast charging is safe for battery health. I bought an 18W APPLE adapter and I was wondering if could reduce battery capacity compared with the 5W included adapter . According to Apple the only...
  17. M

    MacBook battery

    On my 2015 MacBook Pro 15 inch with 2.5 ghz I7 the battery capacity reads 7200 mAh. I have 220 battery cycles and I know stock it has about 8200 mAh. Is there a reason for this and can I improve it?
  18. M

    Regarding dying battery and performance

    Recently the battery on my Macbook Pro (Retina, 13 inches, Early 2015) has been flagged by the menu bar as 'Condition: Replace Now', and according to coconutBattery it now only has about 44% of its original design capacity, after just over 1000 cycles. Now this wouldn't normally bother me as...
  19. J

    Apple watch battery- HELP NEEDED

    I have an original apple watch- 42mm stainless steel. The battery is quite bad as of now, and i am looking to replace it. However i cannot find a battery replacement anywhere. Also the adhesive has gone bad because the screen does not stick down. I have been hunting for new adhesive and a...
  20. P

    What is your Full Charge Capacity (maH) for macbook pro 15'' 2018 with touch bar (512gb)

    Since I have bought the new macbook pro from yesterday and found out at the coconutbattery health check. It is shown by mine is 96%. And 4 cycles I do not even use for once. The Full charge capacity is pretty low at the average comparing to the new one. How to check is About this mac >...