Powerbank to Stabilize the Electricity from Car

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by phassat, Aug 31, 2013.

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    I normally charge my iphone and ipad mini while I am on the run. The reason being is because the traffic at my country which makes me use waze a lot on my iphone while ipad mini was connected to audio and get charge automatically from my head unit (the head unit got usb connection).

    Everybody been telling me that charging the iphone and ipad mini on the car is not good cause it will damage both devices sooner or later as the electricity is not stable.
    The ipad mini got electricity from head unit so I don't know if I should worry about it, since I need it to play music from mini's itunes anyway.

    For the iphone, indeed sometimes it gets pretty hot.

    So I just been thinking if I buy one of those power bank, connect the car electrity to power bank then power bank to iphone, will I transfer the risk of electricity volatility to the power bank instead of the iphone?
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    Your car charger is never meant to be a main charger. It is meant to be an emergency type deal. However, we have become dependent on it and view it as an everyday use thing. Hell, I do the same thing.

    However, that is true for old cars, but now a days, new car models (even some 2010s) have an electrical outlet dedicated for charging electronics. These ports are electrically stable. I know, I have tested some with a multimeter and get stable readings either on a freeway, in stop-and-go traffic jams, or regular city driving. At most there is a 0.1 deviation up or down on the voltage scale.

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