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Aug 31, 2011
ten-zero-eleven-zero-zero by zero-two
As you may already see, the forums got an update today and guess what? The Rich Text Editor that has all that JS code that brings our Macs to their knees here on MR is set ON by default.

Here's how to turn it back off!

In any message editing box on the forum you will see a gear at the far right of the editing toolbar. Hovering over it, it will say "Toggle BB Code". Click it. The RTE buttons on the toolbar will all gray out. That switches off the JS code. Kind of a non-intuitive button.

Apparently you can't get rid of the bar, but you can stop the code from executing.


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Jun 2, 2017
Worse still, it seems the entire reply box is entirely dependent on JavaScript. Meaning you now cannot post a reply if JavaScript is disabled.

Damn you, it used to work without JavaScript!!

And now, there are text editing bugs where if you delete a character, it takes both adjacent sides with it.

Plus, the editing toolbar is now suddenly non-responsive to input under TenFourFox.


We need to find a new place to congregate. Somewhere that's usable, even on a G3.

... Let's all move to Macintosh Garden!


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Jun 4, 2017
Wisconsin, USA
Hmmm. I don't know. The new layout seems to load a tad bit faster (though a bit more cpu hungry). Replying from a Linux powered G4 with arctic fox and MR's default settings. No issues here. Speed is fine, deleting characters is fine, no typing lag, etc. Seems ok to me.



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Jun 2, 2017
After further testing on Leopard WebKit, TenFourFoxFPR16, and Iceweasel (FPR13), it seems that the above issues are isolated to Iceweasel (tested w/ no addons, multiple machines). Neither WebKit or TFF appear to have any trouble with the editor bar, text processing, or scriptless operation.

Since Iceweasel is a modified TFF, I assumed this was the case for the browser family. It appears that this is in fact, not the case after all...

Maybe it is more-so related to a problem with FPR13?


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Jun 2, 2017
Very strange...

All of the above issues are not at the fault of Iceweasel after all, but the iOS Safari (iPad) user agent!

Both FPR16 and Iceweasel exhibit these problems with it turned on, but they disappear when the UA is set to any other option (even Classilla 9.3.x works). Interestingly enough, IE 8 defaults to the scriptless text editor. I wonder how many other scriptless things IE 8 defaults to?

Has anyone seen any editing error when using Safari under iOS? Or does this seem to be more of a freak issue with Firefox on a mobile UA...?

I hope Surf w/ the iOS 12.2 UA still works...

Project Alice

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Jul 13, 2008
Post Falls, ID
This upgrade will take a bit of getting used to at all. It isn't bad, but I prefer a more simple interface. I haven't even logged in on a PPC since the upgrade but I'm looking forward to see how it works. I use an Alu PowerBook as my main portable and I frequent the forums on it.


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Feb 1, 2005
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I know that Arn was doing some background tweaks over the past week all over the site, but I feel like gear on or off works better here than most forums that I am involved with. It is nice that we have such an active population that uses older Mac hardware and keeps these things going!

So far, running 10.4 Fox on my 500 Mhz G4 powered B&W tower has been working decently for me here on MacRumors. In fact, I am browsing and replying to threads using this tower today. I do need more RAM though! ;)


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Apr 19, 2014
Posting this on my PowerBook via Netsurf without JS. Overall, the new forum software does render better without JS than the old one, but it's still a bit clunky. I miss being able to specify the old mobile site. It was my favorite trick for browsing on a G4.