Problems with iCloud Drive Document Picker

Discussion in 'iOS 10' started by patrickkidd, Oct 31, 2016.

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    Anyone have an idea if Apple will improve the iCloud Drive doc picker dialog in iOS? Currently it doesn't save your last folder, meaning if you want to sift through a bunch of files in a deep folder in an app like PDF Expert you have to re-navigate to the folder every time.

    The "Add too..." folder picker also shows every folder and subfolder on iCloud Drive, meaning if you move your Documents and Desktop folder to iCloud Drive and have any decent number of folders there you will never be able to find the one you are looking for because the list is too long (not to mention it takes a long time to load).

    Is there a dialog on these issues, or any rumors about when they will be addressed? They are basically a no-go for seriously using iCloud Drive for real work.

  2. Phil A. Moderator

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    I agree it's a bit annoying and I don't understand the thinking behind making it work like that. Hopefully it will be changed in the future

    It would also be better if you could select the default provider (or even have it remember the last one used) for the document picker instead of it always defaulting to iCloud Drive, but I can't imagine that ever being done as Apple want to push iCloud Drive.
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    Another annoyance is that if you are viewing a folder full of images you can't just swipe to the next image; you have to go back and tap the next one in the list. This is obvious stuff!

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