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    So my wife's iMac (24" 3.06 Late 2008) had her 2nd drive failure, 3rd repair (2 drives, 1 logic board). Estimated repair time with the drive in stock, was 3-5 days. She trades stock at home while taking care of our 2.5 year old. So she couldn't have her machine out that long.

    So I remembered Apple ProCare. My local store (Huntsville Bridgestreet) didn't have any membership cards. Bob Graham, the local business partner FedEx'd some from another store for me. I brought my machine in Wednesday morning after they had the ProCare memberships in. They took the iMac and I went on my way. I couldn't get any info that evening about what was wrong (hard drive was 99% likely the issue).

    The next morning (today) I called and talked to the business team, and they thought it was ready but not 100% sure. 30 minutes later I got a call from the Genius working on the machine and they confirmed it was ready for pickup.

    So I paid $99 for having my machines looked at without an appointment, and put to the front of the line for repair. It was worth it without a doubt. If like us you really can't afford to be without your machine, buy ProCare. Only available in store.

    The Huntsville Bridgestreet store, their business team (thanks Bob), and Genius staff are awesome.
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