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Tuppery Numnak

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Aug 29, 2012
So I've had the Pros for a week with no issues. I loved them. All of a sudden yesterday I started getting intermittent skipping when playing music. Especially consistent when I'm actively using my phone sending messages or browsing the web. I've reset my phone, reset network settings, unpaired the Pros, reset the Pros to factory settings, reinstalled Spotify. Nothing fixed it.

I went to Apple and exchanged them for a brand new pair. I'm having the same exact issue. (Firmware 2B588)

What's strange is the AirPods Pro don't have the issue with my iPad, only with my iPhone 11 Pro. I've tried a few other bluetooth speakers with my iPhone and those don't have the issue. The issue also doesn't occur with my old AirPods 1. It's only the Pros and my 11 Pro. I'm kind of at a loss now and debating returning them, which would be a total bummer. Has anyone else had this issue occur?
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