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airpod pro

  1. J

    AirPod Pro left behind notification exclusions ignored

    Yesterday my AirPod Pros updated to the newest firmware 4A400, so now I can utilize the Find My app to locate the AirPods if they were left behind. The only problem is that I'm getting the left behind notifications on my iPhone 13 Pro (running IOS 15.0.1) and my Apple Watch 6 every time I leave...
  2. TopoR

    Watch + AirPods Pro: auto-connection issue after 7.6 update

    Suddenly after the new stable OS update Watch 6 stopped auto-connecting to AirPods Pro when they connected to the phone. Now I must manually connect them via AirPlay button, then they connects to the both devices. They also connecting if I play radio. But after putting AirPods to the case this...
  3. J

    Airpod pro connection issues with Macbook and iPhone

    Hi all I'm having connection issues with my airpods and I was wondering if anyone else here has had similar issues, and knows how to fix it. I use my airpods with my Macbook and iphone and the issue is mainly to do with connection to my macbook, the problem is as follows: 1. Watching something...
  4. S

    Active noise cancelation - firmware E3751

    Hey guys, wanna see someone else opinion.. dunno if i'm dumb or what 😅 but I genuinely think that new firmware made my Airpods Pro ANC much less efficient? does it make sense? I can hear surrounding noise much more than before.. Anybody notice this?
  5. jagooch

    Can I pair my Airpods Pro with single iDevice but not others?

    I've ran into an issue where my Airpods keep waking up my Macbook Pro because I have the "Allow Bt devices to wake up this computer" enabled. I want it enabled so that my BT keyboard and Mouse can wake up my Macbook from sleep, since my Macbook is always in clamshell mode, inside of a...
  6. G

    Tweaking AirPods Transparency Mode via Headphone Accommodations.

    Pretty cool, I think this is new from beta->gm. On my 11 pro with my AirPods Pro.
  7. Hamster100

    Air Pod Pro - A few frustrations.

    I had the original AirPods and loved them and when the new Pros came out I decided to upgrade. But I’ve found these a little frustrating for the reasons below. I couldn’t fault the original pods so it’s a shame I’m not 100% satisfied with Apples new version Issue 1 The squeeze vs Tap seems like...
  8. Alaxlmartin

    Opinion on AirPods Pro and Studio/overear set. Looking for an overear recommendation.

    So I saw the Pro and bought them at my cell phone dealer. They exceeded my expectation!!! They are the best microphones I used, and the quick charge and Apple comparability is excellent. However, I would still like an over ear set. I don’t know if the Studios are coming out. This year seems...
  9. honglong1976

    Airpods vs Airpod Pro - Honest review

    Hi everyone, I used to own the Airpods 2nd Gen. Here is my quick review of both (non-bias): Airpods 2nd Gen + Light + Quick to charge + Open and clear sound quality + No silicon buds - Sound just like the Earpods - No deep bass - Switching devices not as quick as something like the Bose...
  10. T

    Transparency mode with one earbud

    When I first received them a week ago, when I put them on "Off" and I removed one earbud from my ear, the unremoved one would go to Transparency, which I found quite convenient. However, the following day, the feature seemed to stop working. The day after that I reset the earbuds and it started...
  11. graffitigirl

    AirPods Pro Firmware Not Displaying Under 'About'

    Hi all, I just got my first pair of AirPods Pro (MWP22ZM/A) and am flummoxed for a number of reasons. The main one being that there is no difference between the "Transparency" and "Noise Cancellation" modes. Another being that the one person with whom I spoke to said my voice was muddy. And...
  12. T

    Pros intermittent skipping?

    So I've had the Pros for a week with no issues. I loved them. All of a sudden yesterday I started getting intermittent skipping when playing music. Especially consistent when I'm actively using my phone sending messages or browsing the web. I've reset my phone, reset network settings, unpaired...
  13. T

    AirPods Pro different battery level (Left vs. Right)

    Hello all, Weird thing just happened to me. I was listening to some podcasts, watching YouTube videos, listening some music, etc. for some time with both AirPods. When I put them back into the case I noticed the following: Is this normal? I don't see a reason why my Right AirPod is...
  14. jagooch

    Bose QC35 or Airpod Pros in noisy office?

    Does anyone have experience in a "cube farm" office? That's where I would be using the Airpod Pros. The cubicle walls are not much higher than waist height , so they are useless at blocking noise. In my office, people are always joining Web meetings( Webex) , cube meetings with 3-4 people...
  15. clcnyc

    AirPod Pros-Flying?

    I love my new AirPod Pros and will be flying this Friday. Has anyone tried them on a flight yet, and if so, did they ANC really come through? It would save space to not bring my Bose QC ones.
  16. kurrle

    AirPods 1 vs AirPods Pro · Talk Time Battery Life

    I have a pair of the 1st Generation AirPods. I love them but often times the battery dies when on a call of an hour or more. I'm seeing that the AirPod Pros are advertised to offer longer talk time on a charge but I'm curious what the reality is. What is the actual talk time you guys are...
  17. kmichalec

    Do you really want to test the Bass on your new AirPod Pros??

    Made a playlist from some old music I had from when I used to test out car systems. Some will rattle your brain a bit. Enjoy... ?
  18. S

    AirPod Pro Microphone Call Quality

    Since using the Airpod Pros this week and on calls people have been commenting on how they are having a hard time hearing me. This is something that never happened with my regular AirPods. From what I can gather it sounds like the external noise cancellation or noise reduction algorithm is...