Prototype Enclosures


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Apr 9, 2001
According to a source, there are currently up to six (6) enclosures undergoing internal testing. Features vary and it's unknown which features may make it to the final hardware... but they at least some include: white speaker, front mounted headphone jack, 4x512MB RAM, new motherboard, bays for two optical drives.

Certainly nothing earth-shattering, but of interest for those following closely... :)

MacWorld Expo NY is only 10 days away, and expectations are upgrades to the current PowerMac line.


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Dec 11, 2001
yay!!!! some rumor-like info to satisfy my infallible crave... if only it wasn't so generic...

i miss last year when we had spy photos :(


Jun 22, 2001
Too bad there aren't any pictures ;-(, I would really like to see what these things look like


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Jul 7, 2002
new york
Originally posted by redAPPLE
my 0.02.

10 days left.

we have been waiting for almost half a year(?) for new power macs.

i guess we could wait for another 10 days, right guys?
:D you bettcha......all my money are belong to apple


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Jun 5, 2002
whats with the big pict?

I like the idea of them testing multiple disigns.
Isn't it a bit late? I mean, testing ten days before the show? Whats with that?


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Jan 25, 2002
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Originally posted by DavPeanut
whats with the big pict?

I like the idea of them testing multiple disigns.
Isn't it a bit late? I mean, testing ten days before the show? Whats with that?
I was also wondering the same thing.


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May 11, 2002
Eagan , MN
they need it before macworld tho

even if it doesn't need to ship ASAP, they still need to show it MacWorld. People aren't going to want a generic PC case, then the message, "Surprise, your computer doesn't look like you thought, its now "...."..."

We need to see the goods before we buy it.


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Freaky SUndays!

Ok First whats with the GOOed JPG?
Those are POD people , arent they?
With KAI GOO used with the ugly button on all the way!

Set on Kill!

New enclosures with only 10 days away,,, now being tested...?

I think that the new Powermacs better be ready to ship ,, RIGHT AWAY!

Ship those suckers and get the money in!

Testing now scares me, makes me think that they wont be there for MWNY!

You have to test these things a long time before releases or showing them at MWNY. You can't start testing now!

How will you know which one is to be shown at MW.
Even if they dont ship till doomsday!

Man oh man, I can see why people get crazy at MW's

I really can, I can feel it coming on ..... Brrrrrr


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Feb 25, 2002
My guess is that they have that many enclosures right now to mess with the rumor sites. I'm sure they already know what is going to be ready for MWNY.


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Jan 3, 2002
Re: Freaky SUndays!

New enclosures with only 10 days away,,, now being tested...?

You have to test these things a long time before releases or showing them at MWNY. You can't start testing now!
People, chill out. The rumor is so vague, it could mean anything.

For all we know, they may already have something set for MWNY and are testing for the next round.

Or, the diffterent prototypes may vary only on minor aspects, like grey speakers vs. white speakers. It could be anything.

Personally, I'm not expecting any radical revisions to the case until the G5. Maybe, if we're lucky, we'll get two 5.25" drive bays. Maybe.


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Apr 10, 2002
I don't think that hte testing is anything to sweat, they probably just have a few floating around to confuse, or their were up to six being passed around for this development cycle and it took till now to find out how many were moving.


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Jan 4, 2002
Austin, TX
Rumor Temporal Distortion

Add about 6 weeks to any of these types of "testing" rumors. This info is being released very close to MWNY because its "safe" to do it now as many more people have been exposed to the whole CPU desgin process by now.

The new G4s should already be in production in whatever form it will take in order to build inventory for Apple, its distributors and also to sit in customs while gov't Customs agents decide if they could fit terrorists or shoulder fired missles inside a bunch of G4 CPU boxes.

Just relax. This is the big intermediate G4 update to save a small amount of face in the eyes of the media who wonder why Apple sells measly 1.x GHz G4s compared to monster 2.x GHz Pentiums.

I seriously doubt FireWire 2 will appear, just a newer mobo using Xserve tech such as DDR RAM and faster I/O. Xserve effectively let that one cat out of the bag (and maybe more, stay tuned).


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Jul 15, 2001

People! Do you REALLY (REALLY!) think Apple don't have the enclosure ready?Maybe there'll be options, maybe not. Maybe they're always testing, and we don't know! I think the previous poster about different coloured speakers is probably right. Patience! 2 drive bays would RULE though. gth


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May 13, 2002

Kill El Capitan! It has served it's time, and served it VERY well, but it's time for something NEW! Even hardcore professionals want a good lookin' computer, and it's time for a change. =D

Heck, I'm taking out an AppleLoan if the kit is cool enough. hehehe.


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Jul 7, 2002
Los Angeles, CA
Going to MWNY this year...

I wanna see something amazing at the keynote (DDR PowerMacs, G5, G4 iBook), although these things probably won't happen.

Still, I am flying out from Los Angeles to see the keynote.:D
I can't wait. 10 more days...


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Jul 7, 2002
i hope that the new PowerMac's don't take too long to ship. i have been waiting for a DDR based PowerMac forever. i will definitely be putting in a order once they are made available on Apple's website.


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Jul 7, 2002
Silicone Valley (;-))
STILL deciding on enclosures??

This isn't likely... unless announcement to shipment will be another one of those give-or-take 2 month delays! :(

What's this about a poster getting 800 on the SAT in math? Make that two of us; however, it makes me wonder where did he/she take that test. While you can take the PSAT in your Freshman year of HS, no 9th-grader is ever rountinely scheduled for an SAT at that grade level. :confused:


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Sep 15, 2001
Quicksilver is almost perfect the way it is...

I think the quicksilver case is almost perfect the way it is now, so I wouldn't be surpised if there wouldn't be drastic changes. Maybe USB, phonejacks, firewire, etc. being in the front and a second full size drive... those are the only design flows in the currect cases.


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May 9, 2001
Originally posted by hitman
Six different enclosures 10 days before MWNY? Isn't that cutting it a bit close?
That was the first thing that came to my mind, what are we? apha testers?