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Apr 12, 2001

Developer Giulio Zompetti, who often shows off prototype versions of Apple devices, today highlighted a prototype version of the iPhone 12 Pro.


The iPhone 12 Pro is running an operating system called SwitchBoard, a nonUI version of the iOS 14 update that Apple uses internally. We've seen SwitchBoard on prototype devices before, as Apple uses it to test new features.

Zompetti's prototype iPhone is in Pacific Blue, which was one of the most popular iPhone 12 Pro colors. Given the lighting in the photo, the color looks particularly dark, but it's likely the same shade as the final version that released.

The phone also appears to have no visible engravings, which is likely not a surprise as an earlier test version, but it otherwise appears to be similar to the iPhone 12 Pro that launched in October.

In the past, Zompetti has shared prototype versions of the original Apple Watch and third-generation iPod touch.

Article Link: Prototype iPhone 12 Pro Shown Off in Photos


Mar 24, 2015
Apple must love boards. HeadBoard is the UI front end for tvOS. SpringBoard is the UI front end for iOS (home page / app startup). Switchboard is their prototype front end. Wonder if their core is HeadOfTheBoard? 🤔

Forgive me for being focused on the software instead of the hardware. It looks ... nice. :p


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May 13, 2012
Six Rivers, CA
The color on this is more in line with what I was hoping we’d see. As is I think Apple made the right choice with PB. I do like the darker shade in the prototype above but in those photos it looks to similar to black. My hope was for a frame in gun metal blue and the glass maybe a smidge lighter than above. Cool find.
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