Prototype Original iPad with Dual Dock Connectors Surfaces

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    Ever since its initial introduction in early 2010, the iPad has offered a single dock connector oriented in portrait mode. But a rumor just prior to that introduction had indicated that the device would include a second dock connector designed for landscape orientation, and patent applications filed on the design of the iPad similarly showed two dock connectors.

    We've heard that Apple did originally plan to use dual dock connectors but scrapped the idea in favor of simplicity with just a single port, and a photo of a rear shell with holes for two connectors that surfaced in late 2010 indicated that Apple was indeed at least prototyping a dual dock connector design.


    Further evidence of Apple's work on the dual dock connector design has now surfaced in a new eBay listing for a prototype 16 GB original iPad that contains two dock connectors, one each in portrait and landscape orientations.


    Landscape dock connector on prototype iPad

    The prototype iPad is in nearly functional condition, although it appears that minor repairs to the touch sensing capabilities are needed. While it is possible that a second dock connector could be faked with appropriate tools and spare parts, extensive documentation on the listing in the form of detailed photos appears to be consistent with the device being a genuine Apple prototype. Several components carry earlier part numbers and copyright dates than seen on corresponding components in the released original iPad, and the device is running Apple's SwitchBoard diagnostic software.


    The device does not contain the "iPad" name printed on its shell, instead including a prototype identification number in a number of locations on the rear shell and front bezel. The regulatory text section on the rear of the prototype includes "X" placeholders for the device's battery rating, and also includes a placeholder listing for a Broadcom Wi-Fi chip included in the device.

    The starting bid on the listing for the prototype iPad is $4,800, and the auction ends shortly after midnight Eastern Time tonight.

    Article Link: Prototype Original iPad with Dual Dock Connectors Surfaces
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    I'm guessing the reason the auction is going to be so brief (starting today and ending at midnight?) is to try completing the auction before Apple can react. Pick a holiday so that everyone is off work, and with any luck, Apple will be sufficiently delayed with so much staff enjoying their long weekend.
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    In the core of a black hole.
    The question is, how did this get out of Apple's secure environment?
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    Feb 16, 2012
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    That's a prototype UI to test basic functionalities? Every prototype has it.
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    :apple:Can't wait for Tim "Commu-apple-" Cookster to send police to get this down. Only Apple would do this, in fear of losing potential buyers of their current devices. Not Samsung, not Asus, no one would do this but the Communist-Manifesto Freaks known as Apple. Sorry this is just a vent, angers me how this collective group of abusers can get away with this :mad::confused:
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    Good they didn't put that in production. It's not :apple:
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    With that prototype UI, we're they also considering some type of phone functionality with the iPad?
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    Location Location
    I think he was making a witty comment
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    Wow interesting. Judging by these photos it seems that the connector where the second dock connector is connected to is STILL present on 1st gen iPad motherboards. So it seems Apple got lazy and didn't remove the connector on the motherboard. Feasibly, if you were to get the 2nd dock connector ribbon cable you could hook it up to your first gen iPad. The connector is the bottom left one 2nd from bottom. As you can see in iFixit's teardown, nothing is connected to it when they tore it down.
  14. G-Force macrumors 6502a

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    How is it not Apple when it's clearly made by Apple? :confused:
  15. Theclamshell macrumors 68030

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    You dislike SkankPhone?
  16. blow45 macrumors 68000

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    Good that they didn't release it with the dual dock, it looks like crap. Glad Steve was there to exercise judgement. Sadly he is no longer with us and I wonder who ll exercise good judgement for apple these days, because neither lion nor the apple tv ui show there's someone there capable of doing so. :(
  17. fisha macrumors regular

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    I wish they had left the dual connectors. I find I wish I could have the ipad in the stand in landscape mode quite a lot for viewing online TV channels and movies.
  18. Konrad macrumors 6502

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    Why would anyone want to buy this...piece of outdated, non working junk?
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    Jony Ive is still there to exercise judgement on hardware. It seems he has no control over software according to recent coverage.
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    Uhhh. The article never said Steve was the one who decided not to put the dual docks in... And he was also around for Lion and Apple TV.... Apple is a big company; not all great decisions were Steve's. Even the bad ideas at Apple had to have gone through Steve Jobs at one point or another while he was CEO.
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    You're criticizing Apple for something they haven't done yet. It's bizarre.
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    Hey, this would've made that keyboard dock apple decided to scrap after one generation actually usable.


    In da zoo rule numba one is: don't feed da troll!
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    What have you been smoking, buddy? :confused:
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    So was this simply being used to help figure out which side of the iPad they liked the connector on best?
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    Prototype or not, I'm intrigued that any company makes a handheld device that is so slippery. :D

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